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Spiritual Inspirations

I have been on the spiritual path for many years- you might say I was born into it. There is so much that has influenced me, shaped me and aided me in my own personal growth and expansion that I simply want to share what truly has been instrumental in who I am today.


One main thing that truly continues to shape who I am, and, what I know and believe, is the work that I do within the records. So much information comes through for my clients- be it from their guides, Masters of the Universe or Teachers or departed loved ones. The messages are inspiring, informative and offer new thoughts, new perspectives. I am regularly amazed at what comes through and cannot help but be influenced myself from this co-creative process. I am grateful and honored to walk this walk, answer to this calling and to be allowed to share in other's journeys in such a personal and intimate way.

In addition to practicing Reiki daily as well as meditating and journaling, some of the more recent things I have employed:

The Gentle Way by Thomas Moore is probably the easiest to read and understand of any book I have ever come across. He outlines and details how easy and simple it is to work with Angels and divine beings that are always around us by asking for Most Benevolent Outcomes. I use it to start my day, to prepare for my readings, to running errands and everything in between. I say the prayers he suggests for the world and healing of water everywhere. It is such an uplifting practice and I use it so much now it even shows up in my dreams! I ask for most benevolent outcomes in the middle of my dreams if I find myself in a precarious situation. That is how useful and valuable I have found this practice to be. AND even better, because it works so well, I am in a constant state of gratitude, thanking the angels all day and night long. 

Dreamwork with Mary Michael of Fairhope, AL has proven to be magical, awakening (no pun intended) and invaluable. Being an avid dreamer all of my life, this tool is indispensable for navigating life using the wisdom from the messages in dreams. I love that it is one of the ways our Spirit Guides communicate with us and I highly encourage you to explore this world of dreams.

Bruce Lipton's book The Honeymoon Effect is a fabulous read about how our beliefs in our subconscious programming is running 95% of our lives. In it he gives techniques to reprogram the subconscious. One I highly highly encourage is a technique called PSYCH-K. I have recently studied the technique myself and am now incorporating it into my work; however, I can easily recommend my instructor and practitioner, Jeanne Northington (Life Coaching Solutions) out of Birmingham AL, as well as my peer, Rebecca Salonsky. Rebecca works locally out of Lotus Bluum in Fairhope and is able to couple the PSYCH-K work with regression work. I cannot say enough about regression work as well and it goes hand in hand with PSYCH-K.


Speaking of Lotus Bluum, I am proud to be the founder of this healing center and even more proud to recognize Kristen Kelly as the new owner. Her work in and of itself is a healing center. She is intuitive and compassionate and clear. If you have not tried Craniosacral Therapay, I would call her immediately. It is amazing work and available to everyone.


I'd also like to also share my love of Feng Shui as my respect and appreciation for the Asian modalities of healing continues to expand. Feng Shui and more so, Meryl Hyderally, has and continues to transform my life and my client's in so many ways and has allowed such a deeper, richer perspective than one I already hold. It is a unique way to view energy around us, within us, above us, below us, etc... And quite simply, it works! And fast! I love and adore Meryl Hyderally of Feng Shui 831- knowing her for years as a friend and as a professional. I have greatly expanded under her influence. Her work with 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui has been tremendously impactful for many of my clients and of course myself. I pretty much think everyone needs a personal and yearly 9 Star Ki profile by her. It's just good stuff and compliments the work that I do.

Learning MARI was another transforming tool for me and I absolutely love the beauty and integrity of this analysis. By using symbols and colour, the language of our psyche, we can easily and quickly cut thru the layers and filters and the ego portion of our mind. Beyond all of this lies our intuitive knowing which MARI reveals. It is amazing to see what shows up for everyone and how affirming it is to the individual. It's deeply rewarding and certainly fun- who doesn't like to work with symbols and pictures and colors?!

Reconnective Healing is another modality that I find to be a quite wonderful part of the journey. This modality was founded by Dr. Eric Pearl and I believe set me on an accelerated pace for experiencing more wholeness within myself than I have ever had. This, like PSYCH-K, can be done in person or at a distance and the practitioners are all highly trained. I encourage you to read The Reconnection and Solomon Speaks by Dr. Eric Pearl. 


I recommend reading Diane Zimberoff - Breaking Free from the Victim Trap. If you find yourself rescuing others or suffering the victim, this book is an eyes wide open look at the trap and triangle of the Victim dynamic. Victim is one of the four main archetypes that run within all humans and can be quite dominant in how it shows up in individuals. It's the best book to really see, know, understand and heal these dynamics.

Earlier inspirations that I still enjoy sharing and reviewing:

Shakti Gawain - Hand’s down! One person who has influenced who I am today! I was fortunate enough to have a couple of years of one on one time with her too. Really beautiful soul with beautiful work. 

  •  Creative Visualization - book and CD format are great place to start

  •  Living in the Light

  •  The Four Levels of Healing

  •  Developing Your Intuition

  •  Meditations

  •  Recorded CDs of her meditations

  •  Reflections

  •  Awakenings

Hal and Sidra Stone - Shakti’s teachers, founder's of The Voice Dialogue Technique. They work with the various Aspects of Self- or rather archetypes within us. It's powerful work to understand all of the things within us that motivate us to do what we do, to react they way we react and more.

  • Embracing Our Selves

  • Partnering


Marshall Rosenberg - Non-Violent Communication is an amazing book to help you learn to not only identify your needs, yet to be able to communicate them clearly without putting anyone on the defense.

Louise Hay -

  • You Can Heal Your Life

  • Heal Your Body

  • I Can Do It!

  • Power Thought Cards

Neale Donald Walsch

  • Conversations With God - Book 1, 2 and 3


Eckhart Tolle- (Of course) The Power of Now - a fabulous read to understanding the nature of Ego and how to live with it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto - this is a fabulous read to understand how the nature of our thoughts affect us through visual evidence in the crystals that form in water. It is ONE book for sure that will inspire you to keep your thoughts positive. 

  • The Hidden Messages in Water


Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements  - this is certainly a classic for anyone starting out on a path. 


Dr. Brian Weiss

  • Many Lives. Many Masters

  • Same Soul. Many Bodies

  • Through Time into Healing


Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • The Power of Intention

Esther Hicks (Abraham Series) - just listen to their teachings on You Tube or attend a seminar. I still get their monthly CDs.

  • Ask and It Is Given

  • The Law of Attraction

  • The Astonishing Power of Emotions

Michael Neill

  • Inside Out Revolution

  • Feel Happy Now

  • Supercoach


Music For Meditation

  • Liquid Mind - anything he produces is blissful and transcendent 

  • Ben Leinbach

  • Deuter

  • Dean Evenson- anything by him, even the collaborations

  • Anugama

  • Tomas Walker

  • The Gordon Brothers (Sequoia records)


More Books

  • The Winnie the Pooh collection of stories

  • The Little Prince

  • The Alchemist

Movies (Cinematherapy - as Bruce Lipton calls it

  • The Princess Bride

  • Moonstruck

  • Avatar

  • Heal Documentary

  • I Am Documentary

I'll certainly have to revisit this list to update  as things come to me to share.

Thank you for being interested ~  Betsey

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