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Betsey Grady

Liquid Mind Meditation

Meditation At Home
Liquid Mind (noun)
  1. a mind free of control, resistance, concerns, worries and anxieties; a mind that is liquid— holding onto nothing; detached and fluid. synonyms: peace of mind

Find your way to A Liquid State of Mind and Discover what meditation can do for you!

Take this opportunity to learn the basics of meditation at your own pace, in the comfort of your own space, with support and access to a private community of meditators.


Sign up now to be a part of this growing community and enjoy recorded guided meditations and instructions with live calls for guidance. 

Realize the beauty of a liquid mind, where you learn to release attachments and resistance as you step into the flow and let the current take you.

It only takes 21 days to form a new habit, so join us now and get started on your new path to achieving a Liquid Mind!

Only $55.


Description of Each Meditation:

Track 1:  Introduction will cover what the course is about, how it is structured and why, as well as explaining meditation lingo and vocabulary I will be using.

Track 2:   Understanding Awareness teaches you how to be aware of your awareness- what exactly is awareness and what does it mean, how to know it.

Track 3:  Relaxing the Body and Mind is understanding that our inner posture of calm and stillness is supported by our body and mind postures. It's important to look at the body and the mind and know how to relax them.

Track 4:  Using your Breath is another wonderful way to relax the body and mind and move us into that liquid mind state.

Track 5:  Feel your Own Energy is a wonderful exercise in being very present with your Self and understanding the boundaries of your body and the unlimited reach of your energy.

Track 6:  Grounding to the Earth demonstrates a way to be more settled, calm and out of our heads. A great tool to stop the mind chatter.

Track 7:  Connecting to the Universe stretches us to reach for expansion, to feel unlimited potential and opportunities within and around us.

Track 8:  Creating your Inner Sanctuary is a necessary piece to establish the safe place within and to foster the repetition necessary to aid in the ease of meditation. After 20 years, I still use the same sanctuary. A good one to do daily!

Track 9:  Going Deeper into your Sanctuary~ Getting into your sanctuary and learning to go deeper within, really beginning to access that internal wisdom and guidance. 

Track 10:  Tree Meditation is about using your imagination and feeling the connectedness of all. At once you can feel grounded and yet expansive at the same time. 

Track 11:  Cultivating Gratitude is a simple easy way to raise your mood or vibration. This meditation is quick and uncomplicated!

Track 12:  Letting Go meditation is more of a journey with your self and personal development. This meditation teaches you how to release things that no longer serve you- drop the baggage.  

Track 13:  Healing Light teaches you how to use color to heal- how to see wellness and wholeness within your body. It's wonderful to do once a month, or as your desire, to nurture yourself.

Track 14:  Lose Your Identity is a practice in being who you simply are, not holding on to any identity or roles that you play. When we free ourselves from labels and allow ourselves to just be, we access our own authenticity. 

Track 15:  Ho'oponopono is the first segment to introduce techniques used for compassion towards self and others. Often times our stress lies within our dissatisfaction with relationships to people, things, places, the world, etc.  When we can practice loving kindness and compassion, we can let go of our anxieties and stresses to the outside world.

Track 16:  Eastern Metta is the traditional version of the Metta style of meditation when you learn to practice more focused loving kindness.

Track 17:  Western Metta is the way 'westerners' are more comfortable approaching loving kindness.

Track 18:  Tonglen is a style of recognizing suffering and transforming it within and to in turn send positive thoughts and wishes and desires back out.

Track 19:  Putting it All Together is the melting pot of many of the meditations included here. You will find in this one meditation, several suggestions and ideas woven together. I can guarantee that you will wish this were longer.

Track 20:  Putting it All Together With Visualizations is taking it all together and adding a visualization exercise to enrich and enhance your experience.  

Track 21:  Letting Everything Be - Coming Soon


Track 22:  Connect with your Spirit Animal - Coming Soon

Track 23:  Connect with your Inner Child - Coming Soon

Track 24:  Connect with Divine Guidance - Coming Soon

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” 
― Albert Einstein

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