What Are People Saying About Betsey?

If you're ready to change your life, then Betsey can help. My akashic reading sessions with Betsey have been like enrolling at Better Life University. My guides are there to coach me to higher ground every step of the way. I'm a new person.  Seeing life with new eyes.  Discovering a higher perspective.  The change is undeniable. And Betsey is there channelling the information.  Supporting you through the process.  Grounding the circuit.  It's definitely a commitment, but my multisession approach has altered the course of my life.  I'm living the life I always dreamed possible.  And it just gets better...

I cannot say enough wonderful things about 'Betsey'. I know her personally, artistically (and even shared ownership of a dog with her named Rosie). Our relationship stretches over ten years and in that time she has done multiple readings for me. I can only say, each one is better than the last. I love calling her my friend. She is my 'Go To' person for staying centered, grounded and in touch with the real world. Simply put. I love her, count on her, value her judgement and will be connected to her for as many lifetimes as I have left! An eternity I guess and in each lifetime we will continue to grow and evolve as friends.

A session with Betsey Grady is a treat that provides the best therapy available. I have had the opportunity to receive the Mari consultation, an Akashic Reading, and an intuitive session. The wonderful aspect of Betsey is that she really utilizes all of these skills to provide a reading that will not only motivate you but also revitalize you.  Receiving these services through Rosie Bluum and the WillowTree is just "icing on the cake."  It is true that it is "retail therapy for the soul.

Hi Betsey ~ the services you have provided through the Akashic records has been comforting, affirming, creative, fun, loving, and anything associated with the word "positive".  At times, when I needed clarity, it was provided so easily. Your ability to read the Records, and share insight, is remarkable. I love the openness and truthfulness of each and every reading.

I have lived on the Mobile/Eastern Shore area for 20 years.  I was thrilled to find Rosie Bluum by accident really or by divine providence.  At first it was just a fabulously beautiful loving shop to purchase desired high energy, meaningful items.  Then I met Betsy and knew she had the gift.  The pure energy that I could trust for spiritual items and spiritual community.  Betsy you are helping our community to evolve and connect.  Namaste. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Betsey’s gift and guidance.  I send all my friends and family to her and she never disappoints!

I have had many Akashic Readings with Betsey, and every single one has been enlightening and helpful. I get so much clarity and understanding around things that are happening in my life. I can ask questions about guidance and next steps on my life path, relationships, work, money, family and get answers/replies that always more me more understanding. My guides (and Betsey) have never been wrong about anything that was really important to me...even when I didn't like the answer. When I would follow the advice given by the guides (even if I didn't like the advice) things would ALWAYS shift for the better. Not knowing the why around so many things created anxiety for me, so finding out more about situations in my life helped me to find more peace and calm in very tough times. Sometimes it's just one sentence in an hour reading that changes my entire perspective and sets me on a new more positive path at that point in my life. I will continue to use Betsey's guidance into the future.

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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” 
― Albert Einstein