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Spiritual Services


Thank you for being curious and interested in the variety of services that I offer. Each service has been valuable in my own life that I continue to use on a regular, if not, daily basis. I am delighted to be able to share what I have experienced and learned so that you too can begin to expand and evolve beyond any limitations and truly live a life you love. 


If this is your first time visiting my site or first time to consider working with me, I would encourage you to start with an Akashic Records Reading, either 60 or 90 mins. In a reading we connect with your personal Spirit Guides, among others in Spirit, to receive guidance and understanding around general or specific issues regarding your life. From there you may decide to explore Reiki or the Meditation program. You might also decide to do a MARI or play with magic of "Most Benevolent Outcome" requests. You can even choose to look at the next 12 months of your life using Oracle cards. You may even decide to jump all in and go for the Transform Your Life Package which combines ALL of the services together for a 12 month period. It really doesn't matter where you start as all paths lead to the same place. And the nice thing is that ALL of these services, except for the all-inclusive Transform Your Life Package, independently compliment one another.

I trust completely that your Spirit Guides brought you to me and that they will nudge you to choose what is best for you at the best time possible.


I also know that, because they guided you here, you are ready for profound change. 


A 12-Month Journey to Living An Authentic and Emotionally Healthy Life

Transform Your Life is a self-development journey within the Akashic Records directed by YOUR Spirit Guides, incorporating all of the tools I offer and use myself. This process is designed, based on actual results, for your evolution so that you can, and will, live a life that is truly authentic- a life that you are absolutely in love with. Your Guides will not only be identifying blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same old patterns, they will show you a future that is entirely possible when you show up and do this work. 

Transform Your Life is created based on the journey of clients who are living a life that they never imagined was possible. I have seen careers ignited, new paths open up, finances balanced and relationships heal and new ones form and deepen just to name a few. It is and has been such an honor and delight to watch the unfolding, the understanding, the awareness, the ah-ha moments and the blossoming into each one's authentic self.


When you live authentically, you live your life free from the ego being dominant- free from worry, doubt, anxiety; free from being reactive. Instead, because you start to live in your truth, you learn to move through life with more trust and understanding. You take responsibility for your life; and, more importantly, you look at everything as an opportunity to evolve and every person and experience as a gift, even if in disguise. 

To literally Transform Your Life, it requires a willingness for you to accept responsibility for your life; a willingness to look deeply at your belief system and relationships; and, a willingness to believe that your life can change. Your life CAN CHANGE into one that is filled with purpose and clarity; one that feels sacred and in concert with the Divine; one that recognizes that an opportunity to evolve is in every experience. Most importantly, the greatest gift in my opinion, is that you realize that you are never alone; that there is an amazing amount of life in the unseen world at your disposal, orchestrating on your behalf, every second of every hour of every day, always communicating with you. AND YOU, you learn how to build a solid relationship with that Unseen guidance within and around you which makes navigating your life and your relationships so much easier, not to mention extremely rewarding.

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"Betsey and I started to work together a few years ago, after a painful breakup that brought up old grief and a realization that I was playing out old beliefs and behaviors that were keeping me stuck in the pattern of viewing life and relationships with a lens of  abandonment and suffering.  

I wanted to transform this unconscious behavior and stop self- sabotaging  and self- abandonment. 

I truly can’t believe where my life is now! I expect goodness from life and have an awareness of the spirit world at work that I never had before! 

I trust myself and my inner guidance to reveal what God/The Universe/Source/ Spirit 

is showing me each and every day. I am ALWAYS being shown a path for my evolution as a person to live life to the FULLEST! 

I now have a job that I love with co-workers who support each other, my relationships with friends and family have improved AND I have met a wonderful man who wants to 

heal, grow and evolve with me. 

I am forever grateful to Betsey for all the work she did with me and insights she provided as I became more open and aware of what gifts were all around me working and guiding me every moment." 

~ Claire D. , Birmingham, AL

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