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Spirit Guides, Departed Loved-Ones, Things the Dead Want You to Know

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

It's Halloween! Why not take a moment to talk about Spirit Guides and our Departed Loved ones... It's that time of year when people around the world are celebrating the dead, the dear and departed, the Saints and martyrs and more. This blog/newsletter is mostly a repeat with a couple of new stories thrown in. I want to take a moment to share this information again because often we forget the many ways in which our loved ones can show up. As time passes we even begin to think they have moved on to other things. They don't. They do, but they don't. They will evolve in spirit and yet stay focused on you. I have a dear friend whose mother passed many years ago. She has been going through some challenging times and her mother started showing up in her dreams. Now her mother comes through in every session offering guidance and support through images and words. What's been an even more wonderful development is that at the end of one session her mother showed me a picture of an album cover- Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass. This was significant for my friend and we both laughed at how her mother brought up this old musician. Now her mother ends every session with a song, a singer or an album. We have had Ella Fitzgerald to Carly Simon and last time it was Elton John. I thought that was odd because he's not old-skool like her mom usually shows. My friend told me though that Elton John was always her favorite. And btw, her mom told her she likes Beyonce', indicating she is still following artists today.

Whenever someone books an Akashic Records Reading appointment with me, I always say that nothing is off-limits. I firmly believe that your Spirit Guides have brought you to me, have even brought you to reading this blog-post or newsletter. Your Spirit Guides are orchestrating on your behalf and they want to help you have the experiences that you are meant to be having here. Even if you don't know what exactly those experiences are, your Spirit Guides do. So between the time you make your appointment to the time we actually have it, I encourage you to pay attention to things that happen in that time period and write them down along with any questions you already have. You may have a dream that blows your mind, or a conversation that stirs you up or an experience that knocks you down. Usually there is a reason the appointment is happening when it is happening and that is also why I don't sweat if it gets rescheduled. I trust so completely in this process because I know I am not in charge here. I am simply the messenger trying to interpret what your Spirit Guides want you to know, hear and understand. They are using me because of my knowledge, my experiences, my vocabulary and my understanding of things. They might draw you to a different "reader" for different information. Because I am a positive thinker and enthusiast to my core, a session with me will most always be positive and up-lifting. No information ever comes through from your Guides that you aren't ready for in any way and your Guides know what and how much you can handle. That's not to say I don't share "hard stuff". I do. I definitely do. I just present it in a way that allows you to have a healthy perspective around it, a deep understanding of it, so that it doesn't feel so hard. Spirit Guides are not departed loved ones and yes, we all have them. We all have at least 2 and some of us have more depending on what we are doing this lifetime. Your Guides love you unconditionally. You can't tick them off. You can't chase them away. You can't disappoint them and you can't take so many- I'm out in left field -detours that they finally give up. They will never ever ever ever ever abandon you. They will never ever ever ever give up trying to guide you to the next best and highest version of your Self. They will send you message after message after message, thousands of ways each and every day and night. If you aren't hearing the messages or hearing them but not acting on them, then the messages get bigger and louder and they move towards orchestrating a big ol' wake-up call. These are the health crises, the car accidents, the relationship endings, the job losses. Yes, they love you and yes, they sometimes have to resort to unpleasant things to get you to wake up. This is usually when I get a call. It is my job to help you make sense of this wake-up call or whatever it is you are struggling with, challenged with or just really want to understand. It doesn't always take a trauma for you to call. You may not have any trauma at all in your life. You may just feel a nudge to live in more connection with your Guides. You may want to develop your own intuition more. Regardless, your Guides, if you found me, have brought you to me for a reason - for you to move into that next highest version of yourself, for you to find peace or even inspiration or perhaps even to find trust in the process of life. I never know how a call will go and am continually amazed and awed at what comes through. When we live a life hand-in-hand with our Guides we can reap tremendous benefits of feeling and knowing that:

  • we are never alone

  • we are always supported

  • we are being helped

  • we are being guided

  • we can't get lost

  • we can't take a "wrong" turn

  • we don't have to take things so seriously (because our Guides are really funny and they want you to laugh more. So do our departed loved ones for that matter)

  • things always work out

  • our highest good is always being served

  • whatever happens is meant to happen, even that thing you said to your friend you wish you wouldn't have said. (Little FYI here -Your friends Guides used you to say that thing and get a message to your friend)

  • the universe is a friendly and safe place

  • everything means something

I realize that this might seem idyllic or a bit "pie-in-the-sky"; yet, the more we live from this divine, unseen connection, the closer we get to living these as our truths. When we live these as our truths, then, well, think about it- how differently would life look for you? If you can do one simple thing today, one simple thing- let yourself begin to believe that you have divine Spirit Guides around you on your side. Trust me, they are there and they are listening. There is a Raven Sitting on Your Porch I had a session with a gal, our second one I believe. It had just been about a month since the last one, so I was curious if something had changed or developed in her life that she was seeking guidance with. When we began the call, I was guided to check in on a few of the topics we discussed in the previous session. After that I asked her if she had some things in particular that she wanted to look at. She said she did, yet she wanted to be open first to see if they wanted to show her or tell her anything.

I asked her Guides what they wanted to show me or tell me that would be fun or important or helpful for her to hear. I sat there, quietly and patiently waiting. Slowly an image/scene began to form in my mind. I saw a front porch of a house with a railing. On this railing I saw a crow or a raven, definitely a big black bird sitting there. Beyond the raven I saw a neighborhood and nature. That was it. I sat and waited for it to reveal more or change. It didn't. So I asked her if crows meant anything to her. At first she told me nothing came to mind. Then she laughed and said, "Ravens do!" I said, "Oh good, cause I am understanding that this Raven is sitting outside of your house and you're meant to connect with it." She laughed and said, "This is crazy. Just yesterday my fiance and I were discussing getting a pet Raven. Ravens are so smart and clever, highly trainable and make truly terrific pets. After talking about how it would fit into our home, we decided that it was too risky with our cats and dogs. We don't think the dogs would hurt a raven, but we aren't too sure of the cats. Our cats go outside and they do what cats do and we wouldn't want to take that chance. So at the end of our discussion we decided that we would start with befriending the ravens outside, or crows. We figured it would be safer and we have already looked up things they like to eat." We both laughed and thought how fabulous that her Guides wanted her to know that the outdoor Raven was a great idea! They literally validated that conversation and decision from the day before; and by showing me one on the porch, it suggests their idea of befriending one would in fact happen. Something so seemingly random had significance after all. We were both amazed and I said, "Your Guides are always listening and they just want you to know!" This message is true for every single one of you too! You have Guides. You connect with them in patterns and numbers and wildlife and songs and dreams and phone calls and flowers and neighbors, trips and falls and coughs and headaches and books and poems and random thoughts or nudges and inspirations and on and on and on. What is showing up in your life? in your dreams? What do you notice often? How do you connect? What questions do you want answered? You can call me, yet, I assure you that your Guides are already trying to answer for you. As always, if you feel compelled to reach my way, know that I am honored and grateful every time that I get to connect with you and your Guides. Since it is Halloween and a time to remember the departed, I want you to know that Spirit Guides and Departed Loved ones are not the same. HOWEVER, they can show up in many of the same ways. Just as much as a Guide can leave you a dime or a feather or send a squirrel dashing in front of your car, often your loved ones are doing the very same thing. They want your attention just as much as your Guides and they will go to great lengths to show you that they are still around you. They know how much you miss them or feel things were unfinished with their absence and they want to alleviate your grief more than anything. They desperately want you to feel soothed. In their attempts to reach you, they like to get crafty and are very often playful. They will show up in a bird at your window, a butterfly, a dragonfly and often as cats, even if they didn't like cats when they were living. They can literally show up in any shape or form. They will pull books off of a shelf, hide your keys, tilt a picture or even knock it off a wall. They will blow light bulbs or turn them on after you have turned them off. They will turn on the TV or a faucet and let the water run. They will play with your pets and can even appear as an aroma that you associate with them. You might even at times hear your name being called. They will come in your dreams and even wake you up with loud thuds in the night. If something happens and you think it was someone, then it was. In a reading, they often come through right away and sometimes the readings are focused on these connections entirely. Your Guides know you need it and they orchestrate that for you as well. My Dad passed in 2019 and he still shows up regularly. When I drive I invite him to come along because he loved cars and going for drives. When I forget to ask him to join me the passenger seatbelt starts dinging. I know he is sitting there telling me to fasten his seatbelt and it always cracks me up. Sometimes, even though I have invited him, when I get into crazy Atlanta traffic he starts dinging the "fasten your seatbelt". I know it is because he wants me to know he is with me and I don't have to be anxious in any way, and I will be safe. I did a reading for my little sister a few months ago and she asked if our Dad was around her. He started showing me objects in her office where she was sitting so that she would know he was there. There was no way I would have known what was around her. Shortly after our call she went on a road trip with a friend and made time to visit our mom. Leaving our hometown, she stopped for gas. Not looking at the total until she got in the car, she realized it was $33.33 AND the song on the radio that was playing was "Big Bad John"! She freaked as did her friend when she told her- Wendy was the third daughter, I was the second and our sister Kelly was first. Whenever we were together Dad would introduce us saying, "This is number one, this is number two and this is number three." So my number two, he passed away at 2:22 in the afternoon knowing I was driving to be there. That was his wave to me. Her gas tank was $33.33 and his name was John, Big Bad John. We used to tease him when that song came on. So he was clearly letting her know he was with her on that trip. He couldn't ride shotgun because she had her friend with her. Ha! So he showed up with a song and gas tank total. It is soooooooooo unlimited in the ways that they show up. There is so so so much unseen support around you and it is my joy and honor to share this with you. It is my passion to do what I do so that you can live a life filled with more peace, more love, more security, more trust, more understanding and ultimately more Joy. Read more here with Things Dead People Want You To Know Thank you for letting me share with you this Halloween, All Saint's Day, and All Soul's Day.

May it be a wonderful day of memories, blessings and joy.

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