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Life Is Delicious

The following blog is from our "Best Of" Series. Originally published on April 6, 2015.

Life is Delicious! I awoke this morning at 4:00 AM. Since I was mostly alert, I decided to go ahead and get on up. I brewed some coffee, lit some candles, including my Himalayan salt votive, turned on my salt lamp and finally lit some incense.

I have one whole wall in my room that is floor to ceiling windows and opening the curtains allowed the moonlight to become a part of this ambient cocktail for my senses. My room was instantly transformed into a sanctuary. I was enveloped by the glow and aromas and proceeded to have a lovely meditation, occasionally interrupted for a mug refill or to play with the also alert one year young kitten, Nola. Nola translates into "courage of a lion" and she embodies it well. She earned her name with a dramatic entry into the world and she likes to remind me often that she is really a lion inside her little body. So yes, Nola preferred playtime as opposed to meditation time. I managed to go to a wonderfully peaceful place within, to where i was practically floating. It's a beautiful place to drift and if you haven't ever been there I highly suggest practicing meditation. I eventually found myself sitting on the edge of a grassy cliff, not a tree in sight around me. I could see everything in a panoramic view without any obstructions. The ocean lay out before me, the salt air reaching my face with the wind. A breeze strong enough to move my hair and fill my lungs with the taste of salt, yet not cold to my body. The sun was shining from behind as it was making its daily debut. I could feel the warmth on my back. The earth was very solid beneath me, supporting me, holding me. I could feel the happiness of the grass in my fingers and I let nature fill me. I was in the perfect place for all of the elements to come together- air, water, earth and fire. What a magnificent experience! What an incredible way to charge my body, mind and soul for the morning. This reverie went on for a bit, enough to fuel me with a calm optimism, when I suddenly realized that I could become any animal that I desired. I could have flown like a bird over the ocean or become a dolphin within the ocean. I could have shifted into a butterfly, a bumble bee or anything I truly wanted! I let my intuition quickly guide me as I turned into a young gazelle. Off i was running and leaping through the grasslands- up and down hills, running faster and faster, jumping higher and higher. I felt FREE! It was glorious! The freedom to run and play, no obstacles, nothing chasing me, just the pure delight in being all that I could be. I embraced the energy of the gazelle and knew that the message I was meant to get today was to play more. Release my serious hold on life and play. Run! Jump! Fly thru the air! The ability is already within me and the gazelle was able to show me and remind me. I came out of my meditation with such clarity and joy as if i truly had already been running and jumping in a grassy field overlooking the ocean. What a way to start the day. Ahhhhhh. I am so lucky to do what I do. I get to have one on one meetings today with awesome clients and round my night off knowing that I put in a full day of Serenity and Inspiration! Oh! Life is Delicious! I have thoroughly enjoyed my bite out of life today and I'm not even half-way through. I'll be winding it up with some Jasmine Pearl green tea and some local honey to boot. Yeah, I'll probably have a glass of wine and a yummy dinner too, maybe a little journaling or reading and then tuck myself in for some lavender infused good dreams. Yes, Life is Delicious and I'm not full yet!

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