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This topic always worth revisiting isn't it? So often we get mired down in our lives and we forget to stop and look around at how great and abundant this Universe really is. We forget to take notice of the abundance of good in our lives. We are bombarded by stories and dramas that sit heavy in our hearts and sometimes we need to remember, we can lift that sadness, that worry, that fear, that doubt by simply recognizing all of the Abundance.

Notice when you hear that word (Abundance) in your mind as you read this, what feelings arise within you?

Abundance! Abundance!

This is an Abundant universe. what thoughts come up?

what feelings are triggered?

do you feel it somewhere in your body?

do you think things like:

  • yeah, maybe for other people?

  • that's not MY experience.

  • where is it then?

  • abundance of stuff I don't want maybe....

No matter what thoughts come up for you or even feelings or images, you ALWAYS (I rarely use that word, but in this case it fits)- you ALWAYS - have the ability to choose new thoughts and feelings. So to change your thoughts on abundance, begin by looking for the it. What you look at expands! If you are looking at lack of abundance, then that will expand too. Wherever you put your focus is what you are going to get. Driving to work today...

I was remarking to myself aloud how abundant this universe is. There is proof that we live in a generous universe every where we look if we shift our internal perspective. I started general, simply noticing, having fun.

There is an abundance of trees and nature and flowers and plants on my way to work.

There is an abundance of water as I look out at the Bay. The sky is abundant and stretches as far as the eyes can see!

I was just getting started. I thought about when I lived in San Francisco and being in the "Big City" and again, I thought- abundance. Abundance of people, of communities, of things to do, things to see. There is an abundance of electricity everywhere! In our town there is an abundance of churches, so there simply has to be an abundance of good people! (smiles everyone)

And the clouds early this morning were heavy and gray; however, I simply noted that there is an Abundance of gray skies and at this I could smile and feel myself lifting higher.

If we left the big city or our small quaint town and went to the desert, ahhhh, you guessed it, an Abundance of sand and of sky and STARS! Can't you just picture the millions of stars you can see in a desert sky? beautiful isn't it? I thought Wars- we think the world is not a peaceful place and wars are going on; yet look! Really, look! There is actually an Abundance of Peace! There are more countries living peacefully than not. Where are you looking?

Yes there is an Abundance of homeless people on the streets and an Abundance of animals in shelters. MORE Proof- this IS an ABUNDANT universe!!

There is an Abundance of opportunities to help and to serve those in need, the homeless, the animals, the elderly. Again, where are you looking? what is your perspective? The economy, the health care, the blah blah blah stuff from the government... There is an Abundance of challenges, struggles, frustrations- for sure, Abundance does not pick sides, it is generous in everything. So look for the positive Abundance in the challenge, the struggle, the frustration. Remember the Insurance stuff (Obamacare)- didn't it make you really take stock of your life, your body, your choices? Some of you saw HUGE, uh, dare I say abundant, frustrations in this. And at the same time, saw an abundance of choice to reclaim your own power and an abundance of Trust necessary to make changes. Some say still the economy is "going to hell in a hand basket", well, I don't believe in hell; however, the phrase works. I get it. YET, the economy is also thriving! I know I see just as many people out shopping during the holidays this year as I have years before and years before. There was an ABUNDANCE of spending, putting back into circulation. Money is flowing from me to you to them back to me. What a lovely circle. Why do we only feel so free during the holiday seasons? How can we keep the spirit of love and trust all year long? Because to me, truly, that is what keeps the positive aspects of Abundance even more obvious in our lives. If you think the world is not a fun place to be and you're constantly asking where's mine, where's mine? Well you might as well go sit in a cave, cause that is just what your experience is going to be. As I say, Abundance doesn't choose sides, it's simply a matter of what side of the contrast you set your eyes and heart to. If you think the world is expanding and blossoming, then lay down in the grass and enjoy the smell of the flowers and let the light pour from your heart like sunshine. If you do head for the cave, while you are there, maybe just maybe, you will start counting the stones along the floor of the cave, and as you are counting you'll notice how cold it is, how damp it is- how it never gets dry and you can't get rid of the chill. and maybe, just maybe, you figure it out- abundance followed you there....

Realize there will ALWAYS (yes, I used the word again) be contrast in this world. It is the basis of our existence. We can't know hot unless we have cold to compare it to. So get used to it. We need it this way in order to truly experience the magic of this life.

Remember, despite that, you still can choose where you focus. And you know what? It doesn't matter either, because it's your life, your journey! You can choose and choose again. You can see lack or contrast or something that bothers you and you can choose to be inspired from it and seek to create change in the world or you can simply choose to look at something else. You are not locked in into any one way of being. So have FUN with this!

With an ABUNDANCE of light, gratitude, joy and love- I send this blog out to the abundance of people, with the abundance of technology and the abundance of speed. Abundance can be your friend if you let it... it's always there. It doesn't take sides. It is life force. It is nature. It is Source. It Is! Our Universe is Abundant. It IS Abundance manifested... You cannot Limit the Unlimited! Trust and love the Abundance - it will trust and love you back...

~ In gratitude,

Betsey MARI Practitioner* Reiki Master* Meditation Teacher* Intuitive* Optimist* Enthusiast* Creative* Blogger* "The moment you doubt being able to fly, you cease being able to do it." ~ J. M. Barrie

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