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Look for Right!

Look for Right!

What we focus on expands....

In my meditation the other morning, I make my way into my trusty Inner Sanctuary. I have been going to the same sanctuary for almost 20 years. It's a beautiful place in my mind where peace, love and goodness flow. I love it there. I love it here too, yet being there is void of worldly and human distractions.

As I always do, I get settled, I breathe, I inhale and I relax. I love being in this space. I imagine tropical breezes caressing my face, blowing through my hair. I taste the salt air on my lips. I feel the warmth of the sand and let the sound of the gentle lapping waves soothe me. I drink in the beauty of this place- the clear Caribbean waters, the magenta of the bougainvillea cascading around me, the bright blue sky and the golden sand adorned with tiny shells. I am protected with a border of trees and mountains. I feel safe. It is private and exclusively mine. I use this place to connect with my Higher Self in a direct way and this morning was no different than any other, except for the answer I received to a question I posed. Regarding a situation, I silently asked out "What do I need to know? What is a message worth hearing and possibly even sharing?" What was said back to me, what I heard, was "Look for Right!" It was repeated and repeated- Look for Right! I could even see it written on a book. I was clearly meant to get this message. My "higher Self" didn't need to explain. I got it immediately. Look for Right means Don't look for Wrong.

What we focus on expands and if we are always looking at things that are wrong, then we get more things that we don't like to look at. Or if we are looking at things that are wrong and desire to fix them, then we get more things to fix! It's that simple. Sooooooo many of us are fixers. We are fixers, healers, nurturers and rescuers. And when we look at the world through those lenses, we are scanning for things to rescue, heal or fix and we will simply attract more and more of that. We wonder why we get exhausted, why we feel dissatisfied, why the struggle never seems to end. If it is not one thing it is another. As soon as we resolve one thing, it is replaced by something else, usually equally as challenging if not more. What we don't see is that we are making this happen. Many of us chalk it up to "That's Life!" We think "Life is meant to be a school and I am here to learn my lessons." Well, that is all #$%^&* - that's the furthest from the truth of it from anything I know. We were just taught that. Those beliefs were taught to us and we adopted them as our own beliefs and now life is well, where it is.

You have a choice, we all do, every second of every day. We get to choose to look for things to fix, look for things that are wrong or we can Look for Right! When we look for things that are right, we are seeing things that are going well. We recognize things to appreciate, things to celebrate. Things that are 'right' feel good and it feels great to notice them. If you are really aware you will notice that the tone of this message even shifted as we shifted our focus to things that are right.

This is beyond being grateful. This is feeling appreciation. This is feeling satisfied and excited for more. And because what we focus on expands, when we "look for right", we get more things that are right to see! How awesome is that?!

Life always gives us evidence of what we are thinking. Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. And YOU have the power to keep those beliefs or change them. So take responsibility for your life. Pay attention to what you are watching, being, doing, thinking, saying and hearing. Notice the things that you judge. Notice things that you want to save, heal or nurture and ask yourself in the pause before action- how does this serve me? Am I just getting evidence of my habit to look for things to fix? Was I invited to save or get involved? Am I taking responsibility for someone else's journey? Am I crossing or honoring my boundaries as well as others? Is it possible that I can instead, without acting, look for something right in this moment? What is here for me to appreciate, understand or know?m,m

Gosh, life is sooooooooooooo much more fun when we live in a state of appreciation and celebration. THAT is what we are here for. We are here to enjoy being the divine beings we are. We aren't here to learn lessons, though in fact we do, and that's alright too. Really though, we are here for just the opposite, to teach and demonstrate.

Teach and demonstrate- Be a light unto the world and know that to be this light, you gotta look for the light within. Once you identify it within yourself, you can begin to easily identify it in "other's within." And once you get focused on the light, well..... there is even more light to see. The world will become such a brighter place to be and we can all bask in that glorious illumination.

One of my favorite quotes, I'm sure you have heard it, basically says that it takes only one flame to light 1000 candles....

Be that flame.

Light up what's right in the world.

Share the positive and let that be contagious.

Light each other up!

Remember, the world is like a giant magnifying glass and it will magnify your focus! What you are looking at will expand! Have you ever decided that you wanted to buy a car and then you selected a particular model, perhaps even a color, that you thought would be wonderful to have? Shortly afterwards you started noticing more of the cars in that very color in your experience- driving by, parked near you, in traffic, or on TV? And have you ever been driving and you looked over to the left, out the window, maybe just gazing at the scenery, only to find that your car veered left too?

So two things- we go where we are looking and what we are looking at gets bigger.

Take advantage of this awareness. Try it today. Try it right now.

Lift your eyes and gaze around to where ever you find your Self and Look for Right!

If you see something "wrong" just be aware that you saw it and you can bless it and move on. Find a way to look for the right. And find something that you WANT to expand. Begin to think about it and feel good about it. Let it lift you up- daydream!! Watch what happens ~

Lastly, remember, it's a new habit that you are forming and habits take time.

Be patient and be kind as you continue this magnificent, brilliant, remarkable and deliciously satisfying journey.

~ Betsey

BTW ~ If you want to learn how to "create your own sanctuary", or begin or even refresh your meditation practice, I invite you to try my on-line meditation program specifically designed to get you started. Try A Liquid State of Mind today and get started now!

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