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There Really Is Life After Life

Death can seem so barren, so final and so ultimately devastating. Death often shatters dreams and hopes of those left living and it can take years to recover a sense of purpose or even joy. For many, that joy comes little, intermittently or none at all.

If you are reading my newsletter then you probably know what I do for a living. I do readings. I consult the Akashic Records. I connect with people's spirit guides and departed loved ones. I see the energetic body and do health and body scans. I read houses and animals, both living and transitioned. It is unlimited to what I can tap into and connect with. I love this work. I am grateful to have discovered it as part of my calling in this life. It is deeply rewarding to help others in such an extraordinary way. At this point I have done thousands of readings and have simply lost count. Each reading is unique as is each individual and circumstance. I am always humbled and awed with the connection and wisdom and love that comes forth. It is wonderfully inspiring.

Out of everything I do, perhaps my greatest joy is connecting with loved ones who have passed for those still grieving here. The grieving struggle to understand why and why now or why then and why that way. Questions of "what do I do next" or with things left undone, "who do I turn to for guidance? Can you give me a sign that you're okay?" There are so many questions that go unanswered when life for a loved one in the physical body ceases.

So I connect. Most of the times a departed loved one or someone who has transitioned will come immediately through. I can generally feel it and then I begin to see images. If someone doesn't immediately show, I will "ask out" and see if I can find them. I know it sounds weird, but it works.

Recently a woman came to me to connect with her late husband. They have a really wonderful story-met in grade school but she thought he was too nice her whole life. They grew up together and married others although he loved her dearly. When both of their marriages ended they happened to find themselves in the same town again. This time he was still nice, and it was just right. They were finally married and stayed so for many many years, living with a beautiful connection. He made his transition in the Spring and just a few months later she came to see me to connect. She had never done anything like this yet was desperate to find out whatever she could. She was nervous and she really wanted to make sure that he was okay. And she most certainly wondered if he was still around. Could he see her? Did he know how she felt and how much she missed him? He came through immediately and began showing me things about their house, their habits and their life. For example, he showed me which side of the bed he slept on and that she needed to move back to her side by the window. She laughed and admitted that she started sleeping away from the window on his side. There was no way I would have known any of these things and she knew immediately this was for real.

She felt so relieved and grateful that she asked if she could come back in a month just to touch base again. I said of course, it would be my honor to be a part of her healing.

A month goes by and she comes back and wants to know if he is still around her. Of course he is. He came right through! He is much more playful and loving this time and shows me a neutral colored blanket as if he is wrapping himself around her. The blanket is one she has laying on their bed. What happened next was downright cute. He showed me a cluttered area in or around the house, I wasn't too sure where it was. But I saw a narrow door, a narrow shed like room or structure and a big old fashioned long pronged rake resting against the wall, prongs up, slightly rusty. I asked her if he liked yard work because he was showing me a rake. She gasped and said that just last week she was looking for that exact rake, the one I described. She couldn't find it anywhere. I told her clearly he knew that and was trying to show me where it is because you can't get more seemingly random than that! He wanted her to know that he was there with her, he heard, he is trying to help. She recalled the one room off of her garage, the only room that has any clutter and a place she hadn't looked. She remembered he put it there one time. We both laughed. Next he showed me lemonade. I asked her if she made him lemonade to drink or anything like that. She said "no no no, neither one of us ever really liked lemonade". Then she laughed and said one of the elderly ladies that she sits with during the week keeps lemonade at her house and she had been having a few glasses herself. She laughed and as if confessing said that she would take her breaks outside and go have a glass of lemonade or two. Clearly he wanted her to know that he was with her there as well. The relief and laughter that she was able to leave with was beautiful. There really is Life after Life. The only thing that changes is there is no physical body.

She later sent me a thank you for the comfort that she felt and for confirming her sensing and knowing that he was indeed still around her. She thanked me for coming into her life and his now other life and offering peace for her and the lonely and lost struggle she has been enduring. She said God's grace truly brought us together. Like I said, I love what I do.

Sometimes a departed loved one comes through to help a skeptic believe that what I do is real. I had a man from Massachusetts call me once and he wouldn't tell me how he got my number, just someone told him to get in touch with me, but he couldn't remember who. I knew immediately that he didn't want to give me too much info ahead of time and he finally jokingly said he was a total skeptic. I said no problem, I have worked with lots of skeptics. We made our appointment for the next week. At the beginning of our session, which we did on the phone, I immediately got an image of a man, shorter in stature, wearing a suit and a gold watch. I saw 2 dogs and understood this was a family business. So I asked the guy, "Do you wear suits to work?" He said, "No." I said, "Do you have 2 small dogs?" He said, "No." I said "Do you wear a gold watch?" He laughed and said, "No." I laughed too and said, "Well I am not doing too much for your skepticism am I?" He laughed too thankfully. So I said, "This is weird because the image and impression that I have is very clear." So I suggested we try another approach and I asked him if there was anyone from his life who had departed that he wanted to connect with. He said my grandfather. I agreed and asked for his grandfather's name. Of course I started smiling and said, "Did your grandfather wear suits to work?" He laughed and said "yes." We both saw it then. It was his grandfather all along who showed up. His grandfather knew he wouldn't believe in my work unless he showed up first and was trying to help me help him. His grandfather told me that he had given the watch to him and the man confirmed that this was true. And he laughed and laughed in amazement. We ended up having a lovely discussion. The grandfather indicated more things the man confirmed. By the end of the call, the man was not a skeptic and truly grateful. He also finally confessed how he got my number from his wife who I had done a session for several months prior. Later that day the man sent me an email to get a copy of the recording from our session. He said he meant to tell me that his grandfather not only started the family business but he always had two small dogs with him.

Another call that I had recently was from a woman in Virginia. She too had never done anything like this (a.k.a, get a reading or consult with a psychic) but her heart was hurting and she too was nervous. As we began the session I asked her if there was someone she wanted to connect with who had passed because someone already came in strong before I even went through my process. She said there was. I asked her if it was a man, rather her husband. She said they weren't married but were together for a long time and might as well have been. So I took a moment to connect more and he showed up with such sweet loving energy. He had soooooooo much love for her that he tried to show me in a feeling that was overwhelming. He wanted her to know it really was him and how much he still adored her. He has been in the non-physical for nearly a year and she was still so sad and missing him. Of course I know nothing about this woman or man which makes this so much more powerful. He told me to tell her to sell the farm. He said it is too much work and she needs to sell it and go to the beach. He told her that the house was too old and she needed to have what she really desired and buy her cottage at the beach. She burst into tears because he told her this before he died. She felt obligated to keep the house and land however as he was born in it and it was in the family for years. He told me remind her that no one wants it. She affirmed all of this. And she said they had a joke together bout vacations- he liked the rivers and mountains and she liked the beach. They never went to the beach though, only to his beloved mountains. He said it is her turn. He then told me South Carolina because she had connections there. She affirmed this too and told me her sister lives there at the beach now. He then showed me one piece of furniture he wanted her to keep, which turned out to have special meaning for them, and then he showed a vehicle just sitting in the yard that she needed to sell. I couldn't tell what kind of vehicle it was really, I just knew it was there. She said it was his boat. It had been sitting for over a year and she was going to try and sell it, but felt guilty about doing so. She laughed and cried at the same time and asked if he could show her where the title was because she couldn't find it in her grief. It was another great call, filled with comfort and hope and a little bit of laughter.

So you see from just three stories how alive we are even after we lose our bodies. We are still very focused her on the earth and our loved ones and we try whatever we can to let them know. Many of those who have passed tell me that what keeps them around and even more strongly focused and felt is our thoughts of them. The more we think of them, see them in things that they left, even speak to them, the more we will feel them around us. Like I said before, the only thing that changes is we or they lose the physical body so we have to develop a whole new way of communicating.

It can be fun and playful, of course very healing, and truly remarkable when we open up to believing in life after life. One thing that is very consistent from those who have transitioned into non-physical is their sense of joy and laughter and their desire to share the message for the rest of us on earth to lighten up and not take things so seriously. So know that life doesn't end when we die. Death is just a passageway into another life. We are still connected. We are still expressing and we are still expanding.

There Really is Life After Life.

~ Betsey

If you have a loved one you want to connect with please don't hesitate to reach out and book a session. It is such an honor to do this work and connect in this way and I am grateful for every opportunity.

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