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"Her Mom's Rings" ~ Life After Life Stories, Baby Mila and Fabulous Manifestations From You

For those of you that have been following my blog posts and/or receiving my newsletters, you know that I often share stories of how our departed loved ones continue to be a part of our lives. You know by now that I say every time that they do not die, they only lose their physical body. And, if anything they become ever more available and unlimited and they can show up for us in ways that are downright magical and extraordinary.

If you are reading this and you have lost someone and you have yet to see a sign from them, then keep the faith, surrender to the process, let yourself trust in this connection. Remember sometimes our grief is so strong that we cannot see the signs or we refuse to acknowledge them because we think we are "making it up". We are not though! I can assure you without a doubt, 100% that your loved ones are still around! And this applies to your animal loves too.

Below are several stories of those "on the other side" still communicating with us. The first is a story sent to me in April of this year from a dear friend whose mother passed October 2020 at the wonderful age of 96. Her mom has been showing up from the minute she made her transition and perhaps one day I can share all of her stories. Her mom comes through like my Dad comes through. This story is one of the many from her and certainly worth sharing.

"Her Mom's Rings"

"I wanted to share a very interesting thing that happened to me Saturday night and see what you think. When my mother died back in October the funeral home lady took Mother's wedding rings off her finger and placed them immediately on my finger where they have stayed for the last six months. I have never taken them off! Actually they were a little tight at the base of my finger but definitely had to be worked to get them over my knuckle, if I had ever wanted to take them off. But I never did! Every time I washed my hands, those thousand times a day, I would look at my hand and think of my mother's hand that I had held for the last two years of her life, and seeing her wedding rings on my finger made me think of her. The night before her funeral last Wednesday, my sister started texting me that she wanted those rings for her daughter, saying that Mother wanted her to have them and that I have had plenty of time to have them and that it was time for me to give them up. I wasn't ready to give them up just yet and my sister really irritated me with her demands. That was just not the time to do that!

Anyway, we had the funeral, and we had a fun family time with everyone, except my sister, her daughter, and her son, who were very distant from all of the rest of the entire family and did not join us for the after service celebration of Mother's life. I know Mother would have been so disappointed in our estrangement. When I got home from North Carolina Friday night my sister again texted me about my need to send the rings to her daughter. I really stewed about that, trying to decide when it was the right time to take the rings off and let Mother go. As I got into bed Saturday night at midnight I asked Mother to please help me. I really begged her to please give me a sign to let me know when it was the right time, and how to end this ring thing.

I was hoping that she would come to me in a dream and give me guidance and direction. Instead, when I woke up at 4:30 AM to go to the bathroom for the first time since I had fallen asleep, I looked down at my hand and the rings were gone!! I freaked out because they have never once been off my finger since they were put on me at the time my mother's death in October! When I went back into my bedroom I saw that they were perfectly placed a good distance away from my bed, on my bedside table.....I did not take these rings off! I do not walk in my sleep! I do not do things in the night that I don't remember! I don't know how in the world those rings came off my fat finger over my big knuckle and ended up on my bedside table! The only explanation that I have is that Mother did it! And as soon as those rings came off my finger, (for the first time since her death), at 4:30 in the morning, I found a ring box, polished the rings up, put them in the ring box and addressed a package to my niece.

I had really not let my mother go as long as I was wearing her rings. I was grieving her and now, without the rings, I am beginning to feel the peaceful freedom of letting her go. I know that she will always be with me and all I have to do is reach out to her, talk to her, and she will definitely make herself known!"

What's funny is that I got this message from my friend at a very busy time and as excited as I was for her, I neglected to reply right away. The whole day had gone by and that night when I got into bed the most bizarre thing happened. I was snuggling up under my covers, a kitty tucked up against my side, when suddenly my left hang flung to the side of the bed and was hanging off the bed! It was like someone tugged on my wedding band and pulled my hand and arm out from under the covers and left it dangling off the bed. I was startled and thought what kind of involuntary reflex was that! In that very same moment however, it hit me like a big BANG! Her mother's rings! I was reminded, no doubt by HER MOM, to remember to reply and had to laugh out loud about how important that was to her and her mom of course. I lay there in awe realizing that her mom just completely validated that she not only moved my hand and arm and pulled on my ring, she clearly acknowledged that she took her rings off and left them on the bedside table. I tell ya, our loved ones in spirit can do amazing things! Never ever underestimate what they can do and how they are showing up!


Dolly and Chi Chi

A few months ago my husband and I were sitting outside by a fire, enjoying an unusually cool summer night. We were talking about his dad who had passed. I said, "If you don't mind, I am going to see if your Dad is around or wants to come through." My husband said, "Sure, go right ahead. Who knows if he'd be around us sitting out here by a fire. He probably has other things to do and more important things going on than us out here on a Saturday night."

It took only a second when I asked my husband, "Who is Dolly? He is telling me or giving me a name Dolly." My husband said, "Well.... Dolly is his mother's name." I said, "Oh Cool! He's here!" I could sense the hesitation or slight disbelief in my husband so I silently asked his dad if there was anything else he could tell me or show me that might be obvious to my husband that it was him, something of course I would have no idea about it. I'll admit that even though I didn't know his mother's name was Dolly, I told him that I could use something a little more unbelievable. (hee hee) I waited only a few seconds before seeing a black dog and hearing the name Chi Chi. I turned to my husband and said, "He is showing me a black dog and giving me the name Chi Chi then Max then Chi Chi then Max." My husband burst out laughing and was shocked to hear this is what his dad was bringing up. He told me that this for sure validated it was him because they had a personal story about the black dog and the name specifically. He didn't want to share the details so we left it at that and instead I asked my husband if he wanted to ask his dad anything since he was there with us. He just smiled and said, "No. I just can't believe he is here, after all this time and wanting to join us out here watching the stars."

What I love about this is that no matter what we are doing, how simple, mundane, easy or just the opposite, adventurous and exciting, our loved ones are interested! They want to be a part of everything. They love that we can enjoy a warm fire and still gaze at the stars and listen to the wind in the trees ad crickets chirping. Remember, they lost all of their physical senses when they left their human body, so they enjoy what we are enjoying. They literally can live vicariously through us. They participate in our joys and our sorrows. So let this be a reminder to you to be mindful of how you're being here or maybe even incentive to allow yourself to have more fun, more joy, more love of all things of the earth. Use your senses to feel connected to what's here and now knowing that your departed loved ones are savoring every moment that you are.


Rainbows and Butterflies

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a new client outside at a park near my home. It was a warm summer day so I decided my favorite comfy tie-dye skirt would be ideal to wear. When we met the first thing she told me was that she loved my skirt. We were off to a great connection indeed. After I read the prayer and began to "connect" I asked her if her mom was in spirit, meaning- has your mom passed? She confirmed that she was, having died a few years ago. Her mother was kind of quiet, not wanting to interrupt the reading and being very polite about when to speak. My client said that was how they were here too- he family always joked with one another to "speak up!" It made complete sense to her that he mother was behaving in this manner. Besides the mother in spirit, three larger size dogs also showed up. The three dogs were together and this too made sense to my client. We proceeded to have a wonderful discussion about her dogs and how they showed me they were very protective of her and one in particular her guardian for life. He keeps coming back in animal form to her so that he can protect her. It is his mission and he loves every minute of it. She told me this made sense too and has thought many times one of her dogs now was him. Not long after I asked her if her father was in spirit too. She confirmed this as well. Her father was with the dogs and she said he loved them so much so she was not surprised at all. I asked her if the name Zeus meant anything to her with regards to the dogs because her father was giving me that name. She said when she was young her cousin had a dog named Zeus that she bonded with deeply and spent much time with. And I said, "Then you have to know this is when he showed up for you. Zeus was/is your guardian and that was his introduction." She was over the moon with this information as if everything made sense to her about the dogs because she told me they were all Dobermans and Zeus was the very first one she met and fell in love with and has had ever since. Needless to say, they and he especially, are very protective.

I went back to the mother and asked her if she had anything to say. My client told me that they had not been speaking for quite some time, a few years even, before her passing and she felt badly about that. Her mother said to me to tell her daughter that she loved her so so much and didn't want to talk about anything bad or negative. She didn't want to look at any of that stuff. I said to my client, "As a matter of fact, your mother is telling me that all she wants to talk about is rainbows and butterflies!" My client looked up at me and said, "Oh my God!" She started laughing and laughing and said, "You won't believe this, but I make tie-dye clothes." I said, oh that's why you like my skirt!" She smiled and nodded. She then told me that what makes her tie-dye unique is that she uses rainbow colors and makes butterflies in them. I was blown away. Then she told me that her mother was incredibly talented in making tie-dye too and that she, my client, never even tried it until the pandemic hit. She discovered how much fun it is and it made her feel closer to her mom after all of this time. She also discovered she has a unique ability to get butterflies into the design and how she now refers to her work as- Rainbow Butterflies.

So yes, even I was blown away. You'd think I would be used to these kind of things happening and even though I am, I still get wowed. I will never get tired of being thrilled with these connections, these stories, these validations. I love love love what I get to do!

And yes, I also found out that the Rainbow Butterflies are for sale....

She gave me permission to include her link if anyone is interested.


Baby Mila

Milagros means Miracle ~ Remember the "Worst Review I Ever Got"? If you didn't read it, well then you absolutely must! Click here to read ~ It is one for the books and a true Miracle!

I want to share with all of you who have been following her story that she is here and she is beautiful! Mila arrived on February 2, 2021. Today she is 6 months wearing size 18 month clothes and weighing in at 17 lbs. How fabulous and how excited we all are for Mama, Daddy and Baby Mila.

Welcome welcome to this beautiful life Mila. There is so much love here for you!

God she is just so beautiful isn't she?


Ridiculously Easy Manifestations

Enjoy the three stories below submitted to me from those of you reading the blog posts and stories, sharing your own wonderfully easy manifestations:

~ Hey! I love reading your emails! Thank you for sharing your stories. :)

I thought of you yesterday as I had a ridiculous manifestation myself. Ive kind of been wanting a cat, but I just don't feel like it's the right time or place. We travel too much and I'm often gone in the summers and if we move there's a lot of vaccination and shot issues, etc. So, I said to myself I wish I had a similar situation as I had had in Alabama. In Daphne, I made good friends with the neighbor's cat. I would just go outside and call her (I'd call the name I'd given her because I didn't know her real name), and she'd come running anytime day or night! We would hang out a lot and she would talk to me frequently. We adored each other, and I really enjoyed her company. Last week, I was wishing I had something similar. I'd like a cat around, but I wish it was the neighbor's cat. Well, yesterday I walked out of my door into the apartment building hallways, to take a walk. I live on the 4th floor. I turned the corner to go into the stairwell and there was a cat, with a little red collar and a bell on it! (We've lived here for two years and I've just seen him one other time, roaming inside the building. I'm not sure which floor he lives on.) I sat on the steps and pet him for a while and then boom… It hit me that I had manifested this!! And then I thought of you and your manifestation stories! :)

Just wanted to share! Have a great week!

~ Your story about Moon Place Rd hit a chord with me. Mostly the part about being not attached. Here's my related story, a few times a week my husband and I will play a game of cribbage. I don't really care about winning or losing, I'm just playing to have fun. My husband is very intently trying to beat me. I've won 8 out of the last 9 games, haha!

One trick that reminds me that the universe is there to help me is when we turn over the deck card, I check my hand first, think about what would help me the most, sometimes down to the card suit as well as number, about half the time that exact card flips over! And about another 25%, one that's even better then the one I thought I wanted. Cracks me up every time. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to apply to more than just the card game.

~ I have to share this 'instant manifestation' with you, there is no other explanation for it. Nearly every night my husband and I play Yahtzee - a simple way to refocus our energy and catch up on our day. I will often say something like... "I just need a Yahtzee to finish this column or I sure could use a Yahtzee". I promise you with in 3 roles of the dice I have one. We laugh about it. It also happens with 4 of a kinds. No humanly way possible to control the way the dice roll. I've tried this by saying these things in my head and not out loud and it works, too, but not as often.


If you made it this far then I thank you for being interested and inspired by these stories. I truly am a firm believer that Stories Heal- they uplift us and inspire us and bring peace and joy and a whole host of other emotions. Please share these with someone that you know may need a lift or a message contained here. And by all means, please feel free to share your own personal stories with me too!

Remember most of all that you are never alone! Ever! Your loved ones are around no matter how long they have been in non-physical. They are interested in EVERYTHING from the tomatoes you planted to the sunflower you painted, to the new orange throw pillow you got for your couch, to the new car you just bought, to the book you are reading, to the new baby, to the new trail you are running, to the new tie-dye shirt you found.

Peace out everyone!

Thanks for joining me and everyone here on this journey~ you make the world go round in a magical way!

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Betsey, I love these stories. Keep 'em coming!

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