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Magic Monday ~ Manifesting 101

Updated: Feb 5

Manifestations, Meditations, MBOs, Miracles

Magic Monday sounds a little bit like "Magic Mike" doesn't it? (Ha Ha) I have to laugh because I am sending this message as that movie is hitting the screens. The movie, though has nothing to do with this post. I am sharing information that came through for me in one of my meditations. In this meditation I decided to use a guided one from the Expand App that was called The Gateway. It was designed to guide you to go through a doorway into another realm or reality. I decided I would try to go back to the land I used to go to with my "Imaginary" friend when I was a child. I was also hoping to see not only if I could, yet, would she still be there? Needless to say, I DID go back and she WAS there. I'll save that particular story for another time. We had a lovely conversation and one of the things she wanted to share with me was how important it is to FEEL when we want to manifest something. She said that what we desire can come to us, but only if the feeling we have around it matches it. She was referring to Conscious Manifesting as opposed to Unconscious Manifesting, what we usually think is coincidence. If you are curious about the topic of 'Manifestation' and how you can begin to use this consciously in your life, then I invite you to read on.

Steps to Manifest Whatever You Desire See Believe Affirm Know ~ and the importance of "feeling" at each and every stage We are all manifesting everyday- bringing things into our experience, whether we are aware or not. How many times have you thought of something that would be nice to have, see or do and it appears in your life within days. You find yourself saying, "I was JUST talking about that!" It could be a call from someone, an invite somewhere, or information you were curious about shows up in a message. You may have been wondering what a specific new car model looks like only to pull up next to it at the stoplight. Those seem like wonderful coincidences; yet, really, it is the Universe simply responding to your thoughts (and words and actions). This is unconscious manifesting. Now imagine what you can do with conscious manifesting!

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Imagination is your invisible power to produce all things powerful.”

― Hiral Nagda

Step One: See

Write out and describe whatever it is that you desire to create or manifest in your life. It can be an object or an experience or something else. I suggest start small as you learn and practice these the skills. As you are writing this out, you will visualize it in your Mind's Eye. What is most important is that you begin to FEEL the feeling of having achieved this desire. I always encourage Meditation as it is always helpful and powerful when beginning this process. It is helpful and powerful regardless. Meditation allows you to visualize and feel and when you sit with it long enough, you release any and all resistance, anxieties, doubts.

If you notice that you are feeling anxious as opposed to feeling excited, then move to Step Two. Otherwise, stay in Step One a little longer and write this story out even more descriptively. Step One is fun! If it doesn't feel fun, like I said, go on to Step Two. and then come back to Step One.

Step Two: Believe

It all starts with your Belief in your Worthiness~ a.k.a. Self Worth

You have to 1000% - completely believe that you absolutely deserve to have whatever it is that you want to manifest!

This is a SELF-WORTH issue.

It is hands-down, the most important piece of creating and living a life that you love.

Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World

How do you know what your beliefs about your worthiness are?

Look at your life. What do you love about it and what do you wish you could change? What do you feel is lacking or missing? What do you long for or complain about? What do you wish you could just get a break on in life? All desires come from a lack of some sort.

You want to learn how to manifest because you want to see things or experience things in your life that you're currently not. What you wish to manifest reveals what you truly desire. What you truly desire reflects what you feel that you are lacking. What you are lacking reflects your subconscious beliefs.

Still unsure?

How about taking a look at what you don't want. Identifying what you don't want points you in the direction of what you do. Regardless, the point is to examine what you are living, take responsibility for it and know that a belief in your worthiness is creating it. This applies to both the things that you love about your life and the things where you wish to see change. And let go of any judgements. Nothing is good or bad. It is more a matter of does this serve me or not? And if it doesn't, then see what desire it is creating within you. Notice how you feel about it. It is sooooooo easy to feel anxious about things we don't want and you are learning instead to feel joyful about things you do want.

Feeling is what is fueling the manifestation. If you can't manage your feelings into a state of joy and eager anticipation and belief, then try to just be neutral, let go of any attachments. Meditation, again, would be good to do here as well.

Notice the things you absolutely love about your life and realize your beliefs created that too!

Do you need to revisit Step One or stay here in Step Two a little longer? If you want to throw a little more support around your beliefs then move on to Step Three.

“Magic always happens when you direct your inner powers to the object you want to change.”