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One Session, Three Surprises! What does Valentine's Day have to do with Bees, the Plague and Love?

In this post I'll share:

  • a story from a recent session that surprised even me

  • a couple of New Year traditions that work at any time of the year

  • an update on my travels with available dates and times and links to book

  • a cool thing that happened with MBOs and one to share that I say daily

  • a head's up on changes coming to my website

  • a surprising tidbit about St. Valentine


A session within the Akashic Records is like a snowflake. It is a snowflake by nature, but each one has a different design. I never know what I am going to get whether my client is new or a regular. Like us, like life, like the planet and all species, we are constantly evolving.

Sessions evolve too.

When these are the cards I draw in the morning, I cannot help but get excited about what the day might hold. These two cards fill me with eager anticipation and foster dreams of what gifts the day might hold for me.

And when I draw cards like this, I generally pause and sigh.... I have to admit, that even sometimes, I feel a little deflated and concerned as I move into the rest of my morning. In my thinking I am wondering what might happen that the Angel of Forgiveness is going to be assisting me today. I am not a negative thinker by any means, yet it does make me wonder will I need to be forgiven for my thoughts and actions or will I need to forgive someone for theirs?

This past Thursday, I drew the two cards pictured above- Forgiveness and Openness. As I prepared for my first call that morning, I was curious why this woman booked 90 minutes, figuring she must have much to discuss. I knew her name, but I couldn't recall what we spoke about 7 years ago. It had been a long time. I thought about my cards and about the session, the Angel of Openness reminding me to stay open, which, I am pretty much always open anyway.

When we started our call, she reminded me of when we spoke those 7 years ago. As soon as she told me whose friend she was and where she lives in California, I remembered her and what we discussed. She said lots had changed and she had been thinking of me. She told me though, what made her actually book the appointment happened about three weeks prior. She had been thinking of booking with me and was coming out of Home Depot and as she approached her car she saw a one dollar bill laying on the ground. She picked it up and laughed thinking about my Dad and how he likes to leave dollar bills for anyone who knows our story. She smiled at the confirmation. A few days later she was speaking with her friend who ended up saying, "You need to get another session with Betsey." And so she did.

I said the prayer and opened her records. Yet things started in a very different way from there. As a matter of fact, three things happened in this call that I cannot remember as ever had happened before. I said, before we begin, I am being directed to tell you that your father is here. And before I could say anything, she said, "Well, is that my biological father or my step father? Oh, or it could me my godfather. they are all there." I said, "No, this is clearly your step father. And, this is rare, but he is asking for permission to come through." I told her I don't recall anyone ever asking permission to come through. I have loved ones who will stand there and not jump in out of respect sometimes, but he wanted through and he wanted permission. She, of course, became very emotional and eventually said he had permission. He walked with a purpose and clear determination and he wanted me to tell her that he was kneeling down in front of her and taking her hands in his. He was placing his forehead onto her forehand and closed his eyes. It was like he was bowing to her in reverence, indicating that this time, her giving him permission to come in, was very sacred and meaningful. All the while, my client is crying and emotional. He told me to tell her that he was sorry. He said he was a broken man. He did not know how to love. He only knew how to hurt. He said he knew that she had forgiven him and yet he knew that did not take the pain and memories away. He told her many things, reasons and explanations, and probably more information than she expected. One of the things he told her was one of the three things I had not experienced before in a session with such laser point clarity. Without going into detail, I'll just say it was about parallel lives and it was mind blowing. I kept telling her to be open to this concept and idea and was in awe myself of what this man was bringing forth. I will write about this one in full detail in my book.

Meeting her stepfather was obviously part of the plan that I was being prepared for that morning when I drew those cards. Those cards weren't for me necessarily, they were for her. The angels of Openness and Forgiveness were letting me know that they'd be a part of one of my sessions that day. It was so powerful to see this so clearly at work and so humbling to grasp the magnificent design of our lives and experiences. Which leads me to the third thing that I have never seen before in a session. At the very end of our call she asked about her mother and grandmother. She just wanted to see if they were around. Both of them were taken way too soon from her and this life and she missed them terribly. What was so wild to see was that they were in fact there and they showed me that they were each on one side of a loom. Together they were weaving a beautiful tapestry. They told me to tell her that as she was living her life here, they were assisting her by creating a design of her life there. They wanted her to understand how much they were helping her and how involved and ultimately how beautiful her life truly is. I have never seen this before and was just amazed that the design here on earth of her life was being woven and designed in spirit. It still is a little hard to understand, yet, as you are reading this, I say, Be Open....

What's funny is that they showed me a sun, a giant sun, that they were weaving into the loom. When I asked if it meant anything to her she said her sister had just given her a gorgeous chenille bedspread for her birthday. It was the yellowish-golden color of the sun and had, coincidentally, a giant sun in the center of it, so it actually lays across the middle of her bed. Ha! So yeah, there are no coincidences. There truly is a plan and we are truly being supported from so many avenues- loved ones, both here and departed, angels, Spirit Guides and more. There is so much more going on than we will probably ever understand with our human minds. Like my mom always said, "When we die, all things will be revealed." I have to say, that is probably true. We are not meant to know everything, yet we are meant to trust and believe in the greater unseen powers around us. When we do believe, it makes living life so much easier and fulfilling.


I have long been into astrology and numerology and been intrigued by the uncanny accuracy found in them with regards to personality, strengths, desires, gifts and talents, to struggles and more. I am very curious minded and like to explore and study an unlimited number of things. I find so much here to be appreciated and fascinated by. In addition to astrology and numerology, there is the Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, MARI, and I recently just came across that I might just have to check out. I don't believe any one thing defines me or any of us. I believe they all have something to contribute when getting to know myself more and when wanting to understand relationships, challenges, habits and patterns even. One that I like to look at every New Year, Chinese New Year I should say, is 9-Star Ki.

My friend Meryl is a master of Feng Shui and the understanding of and applying the principles of 9-Star Ki. She introduced me to it and I have found that it makes wonderful sense in all kinds of ways. I asked her to give me a little write up to help explain it more in case you find that you are also interested in exploring:

Navigating 2023 with the Guiding Principles of Nine Star Ki

The stars are available to guide us using different types of energy languages. Nine Star Ki offers guidance depending on each individuals Ki (determined by birth year, month and day) but there is also the influences for the collective depending on which star occupies the center for the year. This year, 2023, the energy of 4 Tree occupies the center house for all of us collectively. This means that we are not only influenced by which energy house WE ourselves occupy this year, we are also collectively influenced by the energy at the center for 2023. I like to represent the energy of 4 Tree with the imagery of an oak tree. I like to think about an oak tree and how the roots grow into the soil as well as the branches reaching into the sky. Another aspect of this energy to consider is the symbolism of wind associated with 4 Tree. The nature of wind can be a great teacher as it is never visible to the eye, yet changes are always occurring because of it. It is interesting to think about how these energies will influence us this year. First of all, I think we can all agree that the wind can catch us off guard at times. And isn’t it particularly interesting that recently, as we transitioned into the new energy cycle, that a “large balloon” drifted across our country. Were we caught off guard? Perhaps…however, by observing this event from the perspective of the energetic value, we can ask ourselves, “Are we supported by our root system, or are we vulnerable to topple over by an unexpected gust of wind?” By observing the world around us, we are able to gain insights into our own lives and how best to make choices. I encourage us all to remain curious to what is happening in our world this year. Check in on your own root system and ask if your daily practices are supporting you in your growth to reach for your goals and really grow your branches strong and wide. A balanced life is a better life for each of us individually and collectively.

For me personally, I am in an 8 year. So this year for me is about reflecting and going inward. What's funny is that I was telling Meryl that I had taken a break from so much traveling that I had done last year. I was on the road one to two times a month, every single month of 2022. This year I have been quite reluctant to get back on the road and wasn't sure why. She explained that it is my 8 year influence of wanting to retreat, go inward, be reflective. She said "think of instead of climbing the mountain, you just want to be deep inside of it." It made SO much sense to me. Ha! So now I know for me that I have to balance my travels with time carved out for retreat this year. That is so helpful to know as I look forward and plan my travels AND my retreats.

I encourage you to reach out to Meryl if you too are curious about your personal 9-Star Ki. I love it and I love how it evolves throughout the year, especially when following the personal guidance that comes along with it.


12 Month Review with Oracle Cards

My other New Year's Tradition- this is my card spread for 12 months. I decided to keep it simple and use one deck this year. Look what the second card across the top is - HOME! And I was just talking about the need to be home. I get to honor that this month before hitting the road March 1st. And March is Shine Your Light! How appropriate because I will holding group sessions as well as individual sessions. Ha! I love this stuff.

And my overall THEME for 2023! Who doesn't want Freedom?!



Oh and if you are in Ocean Springs, MS, I plan on being there March 4th-5th. If you would like to have a session while I am there, please reach out to me directly in the next few days so that we can make that happen.


MBO's (Most Benevolent Outcome Requests)

Happy and Grateful to share this little tidbit:

If you have read my last couple of blogs, you'll see that I shared MBOs that I came up with. One of them I like to say often is "I request a most benevolent outcome that my light shines brightly, far and wide, and attracts only those who align with my highest and best and me theirs. Thank you!"

And, well....

I am honored that Tom T. Moore, the founder of The Gentle Way and MBOs, featured me in his recent blog, on February 5, where he shares stories of people finding success using them.

Check it out! I think you'll dig the stories too! Thank you Tom for all of the fabulous work that you do!

This one below I say daily in the morning and wanted to share in case it resonates with you too. And if you like it, send it to someone you know who might appreciate it. Sharing is expansion and we all know there is power in numbers.



This is just a little reminder that changes are coming to my website and scheduling platform. Things are going to look different, yet should be easier and quicker to navigate. I also want to let you know that inflation has caught up with me too and all, and I mean every single one, of the companies I use to run my business have had increases. As much as I hate to think about having my own increases, it is becoming clear that it is something I need to consider. So if you are thinking about buying a package before the end of February, I encourage you to do so and lock in the current price. I expect the changes to roll out April 1st of this year or May at the latest. I thank you so much for your understanding.


Valentine's Day

What is it about bee keepers and love birds and happy couples?

I thought you might like to know that there is more to Valentines that the hallmarks of love and gift-giving, no pun intended. So if you don't choose to celebrate this time because of all of the commercial hoopla, I get it. You can, perhaps, appreciate this:

St. Valentine is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travelers, and young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses and his feast day is celebrated on February 14.

It is said this time was chosen because it is the middle of February when birds begin coupling. So think about St. Valentine and all that he is called on for. Give a nod to all of the bee-keepers you know and young people and travelers and more. Have fun with this time for reasons beyond the expected.

And if it feels right, surprise someone today just because you can!

~ Love to you and thanks for reading!


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