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Mind-Blowing Stories~ Departed Loved Ones, Past-Life Connections, Life with Guides and Angels


Zahir means “helper and supporter”.

How could someone with that name, who is clearly here to help and support in some way, leave his little body at two years of age? How could a child, so bright and happy, come into this world on his Grandmother's birthday and make his departure on his mother's birthday.

Whitney called me, based on a referral that she cannot now recall. She read through my website and something resonated within her and she felt encouraged to make an appointment. When we got on Facetime, I was struck by how beautiful she was, not just physically, yet energetically. Something about her radiated. Before we began she asked if I could connect with someone who had passed, her son, "Is that something you can do?" I said I could and she continued and said, "Even if he is two?" I said, "Wow. I hate that for you. And all we can do is try. I will try to connect with whomever you want- we will throw it out there and trust in the divine." She smiled and said, Ok. Thank you."

It is my practice with the Akashic Records to read a prayer out loud and then take a few moments in silence to "connect". I had barely finished the prayer when I sensed this joyful and playful energy already coming through. There was no doubt in my mind it was Zahir. He was like a dragonfly- flying all around, up and down and back and forth and faster than I could follow. He was beyond excited to connect with his mom. It was uplifting energy that was infectious. He was immediately conveying how much he loved her; how he was still here; how grateful he was for her; and more significantly, how fast he was coming back. He said, "Mama, I am coming back. I am coming back. I won't be gone long. I am right here. I won't be gone long at all." He told me that he just needed a better body. I asked her how he passed and she told me it was an asthmatic attack. She was taking him to the ER and he passed on the way there in his car seat. While in the car, at a stoplight, a dragonfly had landed on the hood.

He indicated there were other issues besides asthma. So I asked Whitney what else was he dealing with physically. She said he had all kinds of problems, one of the main ones being a type of eczema that causes the skin to unfortunately, regularly and consistently, crack and bleed. He had eczema that turned into “steroid induced eczema” from the topical steroid creams he was given, which is now known as TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) when you come off of them. Simply put, there was no relief. She said it was terribly painful for him and despite his happy nature, he was often miserable.

He also told me that he didn't want her first child, her first time to be a mom, to be so burdened with his physical issues. She confirmed that he was her first child. He then began repeating that he was coming back, that he was right here. He said, "I am on the way!"

He was so insistent that I said to Whitney, "I don't know if you are trying to have another child yet, or if you even want to think about it, yet he is adamant that he is on the way. He just keeps repeating I am coming back. I won't be gone long." Whitney smiled and held her phone back so that I could see more than just her face. As soon as I saw, she laughed and said, "I am pregnant now." I think I literally squealed out loud!

This session was packed with revelations. He told her how she would recognize him- by his smiles and things he liked and didn't like from baby food to music. I understood he will want to be a boy again, yet I must confess, I am not great at determining sexes. I said that if he does in fact come back as a girl, then he really wanted a whole body change. She found out September 1st and we have a session coming up soon, so I will keep you all posted when I know. He told her this experience would be important for her and the work she is doing here and would be doing. He said one day it will make sense. She will help other mothers. He also said his birth would be easier and different this time. Without going into detail, Whitney validated all of this. Before it was a C-section in the hospital, this time it will be at home with a doula, or mid-wife, and family.

One funny piece towards the end of our call that really struck me was that Whitney asked the significance of 222. I was stunned for a moment because that is MY number! That is how my Dad shows up. 222 was a number important me in many ways for many years and when my Dad passed, he did so at 2:22pm. My whole family now associates that with my Dad. I thought WOW, our connection was really meant to be! I wondered if my Dad helped her find me? Maybe he met Zahir somehow and together they made this happen? Who knows, but for sure our meeting is part of the story. I told her of my story with 222 and she said that February, 2, 2023 (2/2/2023) is his due date. I actually think he will hit it too!

As Zahir said, one day this will all make sense. His short time on earth was on purpose. Dates for him are clearly significant. Zahir was and is clearly a helper and supporter already and there is clearly so much more for him to do in non-physical! There is definitely something bigger going on here that only the continued unfolding of this journey will reveal. I cannot emphasize enough that our departed loved ones are still here and around us. They are still very involved with us and they meddle meddle meddle. As the Guides often say within the Akashic Records, "more to be revealed"....

Trina and Trent

I met Trina a few years ago and we have had sessions once or twice or more a year. Trina's Dad had passed by the time we met and that was one of her reasons for contacting me. Her Dad came right through, much like Zahir, and he pretty much said that he is living her house with her and Trent. He showed me the house, where he likes to hang, what he does while he is there. Sometimes, when they are away, he has parties even. He is a hoot! He even gave me a name or two of who he invites over. Her mom, his beloved, also lives with them in the apartment attached to their home. This just gives him even more incentive to stay close.

A year ago, he came through and one of the things he showed me was her pantry for some reason. He showed me peanut butter. She said he LOVED peanut butter. Then he showed me marshmallows, big bags of giant ones. She had no idea what that might mean except to have stuff to make Smores when people gathered for the holidays. Sometimes things that come through seem really random and we just toss them off as who knows, maybe it will make sense one day why he showed that. I had completely forgotten about it.

Trina and I have had several sessions since then and there has been no other mention of pantry items. When we spoke recently she mentioned that when her Dad was dying, he was trying to say something to her husband Trent. She wanted to know if he could say it now because they weren't able to understand then. He told me it was very important that he tell Trent to look after his girls. Trina said, he did in fact communicate that already. So I pressed on with her Dad to see what else that didn't make it out. He told me he wanted them to take a trip, at least her, but he wanted Trent to go too if possible. He said Scotland then Ireland and then he went back and forth. I honestly couldn't tell between the two, yet was leaning towards Ireland -probably because they are so close. She told me her Dad's ancestry is over that way and she was already looking into it. So his last words made sense to her.

Towards the end of the session she asked if there was a past-life that her Guides wanted to show her. These are always fun to look at and take some time to come through. For me it is like watching a movie begin to unfold. In this case with Trina, ironically, I was taken to Ireland. Again I told her, it could be either, but feels more like Ireland. I saw her in a small cottage made of stone on a fair amount of land, no neighboring house. She was older, longer hair, kind of unkept, wind-blown. She was wearing a dress with an apron that had pockets. She lived out of the village and was known for her 'magic' so-to-speak. The villagers would come to her to buy pouches for money, farming, love, good luck, etc. These pouches contained stones, herbs, oils, etc. She was seen as a good witch and people always left her with joy and hope in their hearts. Trina asked if she was alone in this life. Her guides showed me that she had a husband who tended the garden of vegetables and herbs. He would also drive to the village and sell them. He died however and at this point she was alone. I told her I didn't think this was Trent.

Then the guides showed another man who had frequented her cottage over the years to buy pouches, although he mostly came because he was in love with her. Out of deep respect he never indicated such. After her husband died, he came more often and began tending the gardens. I told her this is Trent. Then I told her that he loved to take her on picnics over at the cliffs, looking out at the sea. She exclaimed how much she absolutely LOVES picnics today. I told her they ended up together and lived happily through old age.

As we were winding up the call, her Dad chimed back in. I told Trina, "Your Dad is telling me the name Lucas. Maybe that was Trent's name in that lifetime? It is something like Lucas, Lucius, Lucan, Luke, I have no idea." Then I said, "Oh, wait! He is also saying Guinness." I asked her if her Dad or Trent liked that beer? We both recognized this has to be Ireland. Again, with her Dad, things are sometimes seemingly random. We figured he was confirming Ireland for us, not Scotland. With that, we ended our session.

Later that evening I got a message from Trina. She had been doing some research....

First, note how close Ireland and Scotland are:

And then, it turns out Guinness is made in Dublin, Ireland.

And not too far down the road is a town... see picture below:

Do you see it?

No kidding! There is a town called Lucan! So Trina does more research and she sends me this picture:

What is fascinating about this picture is that in her past-life, as I already told you, Trent, at the time, loved taking her on picnics. He would take her over by the cliffs to look out at the sea.

And in THIS lifetime together SHE loves picnics and HE loves lighthouses! So much is being validated!


Trina is now sure she has found exactly where she was living in this past-life. She questions though, because she is adopted, how this can even be? Her Dad has ancestral roots there from this lifetime, but she isn't related to that ancestry and yet has this coincidental life time in Ireland. I know this sounds confusing.... What the Guides told her was that it didn't matter. Her father this lifetime, despite not being the biological father, is still in her soul group and has been with her many lifetimes. It doesn't matter the entry we have, we still align with our soul group, no matter what. So her Dad and her Guides wanted her to know it is ALL connected, ALL related, no matter what, no matter when or how. This is part of that Divine cosmic web that we cannot quite see in it's entirety, yet we can certainly enjoy a glimpse of. All parts of this web are beautiful.

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST, Trina does even more research. She is now wanting to know about Lucan, this town right outside of Dublin. Well, hold on to your hats, you will not even guess what the town is known for....

Can you believe this? Lucan is know for the Marsh-mallow plant! And it is used for healing, plant medicine. No doubt this was in her pouches! Trent probably even grew them for her. Incredible, isn't it? These are the stories we just cannot make up! Lastly, she found out that Trent, this lifetime, is a descendant of his great uncles, two brothers that came to the United States, from Ireland.

So what seemed random at the time, a pantry item, making no sense, really had significant meaning after all. What a fantastic journey!

The Postman Still Delivers!

This is a quick story from my friend Michele that demonstrates how our departed loved ones, as I said earlier, meddle meddle meddle and want us to know they are still active and aware:

"I sent a sympathy card to a friend here, in CA., whose father died last week and she sent me a message today thanking me for it and asked if I was trying to send her a message with the zip code I used. I thought I’d been careful addressing it but apparently the zip code I used was for Hildago, Mexico; BUT…it was also her father’s house number!

I commented that the post office is a lot better than some people think because they delivered it promptly even with the incorrect zip….

And then she told me her father had been a postman for 40 years!"

Living Life With My Guides and Angels as Constant Companions

I wanted to share two personal stories of mine so that you can see how to live with, communicate with and trust in this connection to the divine help around you.

I live 45 mins outside of Atlanta. There is a lady I visit in Atlanta and although driving to her place in Inman park is easy, parking is not always. I normally give myself an hour to get there and park. I was headed there this week when she texted me and said that there was a movie being filmed in her neighborhood and parking would be extra challenging. She suggested I give myself even more extra time. My first reaction was, shoot! I considered not going at all. Then I laughed and texted her, "I got angels on my side! I can't wait to see where I find parking!" I gave myself my usual hour and thought what an adventure this could be. I wondered if I might see anyone famous or maybe I'd get to see some of the scene being shot. I'm driving, talking with the angels. I said out loud, "I request a most benevolent outcome that I get the most amazing parking spot, better than I have ever had here and it shows up easily and quickly and effortlessly so that I am right on time or even early." I said a few others to the same effect. When I arrived, I turned on her street and lo and behold, there was an open spot right at her front door. I literally laughed out loud! I love my life. I love this connection.

Same day, later that night....

I woke up at 3:30-ish in the morning, as many people do. I was wide awake yet refused to get out of bed. I was going to maximize my time for sleep and dreaming. So I say out loud, being home alone, to my Guides, "Ok. I am going to go back to sleep and I would love love love for you to give me a dream of guidance. I want to know either why I am blocked on writing or what I need to know or do to jump back into my writing. Also, I wold love to wake up at 5:30 today." Satisfied, I easily fall back asleep. Next thing I know I wake up briefly, enough to know that there were frogs all around me in my dream. In that half-sleep/half-awake state I knew FROGS was the answer to my question. I also knew that frogs message is purification. This made sense to me completely because I have been thinking about doing a detox and cleanse. I smiled and fell back asleep only to be woken by a loud, deafening boom that shook my bed. Thunder! It was 5:39 am.

Ad guess what? I get up and go into the bathroom and there is a tiny baby frog sitting in the floor. I laughed out loud and scooped him up and put him back outside.

My stories can be your stories. I am not any more special or connected than you. You have this divine support around you too. Start using it. Have fun with it. And if you need some help getting started, you are welcome to book a session with me. Life is SOOOOOOO much easier, and certainly fun, when you open up to this connection.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Thank you for being open and curious.

May you enjoy the magic in your journey today and a smile in your heart.

Love love~

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