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What Our Dreams Reveal

I have learned that dreams are messages- messages from our Sub-conscious mind. Dreams do not tell us something we already know. They always guide us, reveal to us, show us- what we need to know and understand in our waking life. Dreams are magnificent- every single one of them. There is no bad dream. Yes, I know, there are nightmares- yet these too are dreams bringing a strong message to "wake up" to. Nightmares are trying to get our attention- they are not to be feared. Dreams can be exhilarating! They can be wildly wonderful and clear and they can be completely odd and bizarre. Love all of them. There are messages in even the snippets~

Below is a dream that I had a while back. Many of my dreams are like movies most of the time- a beginning, a story and an ending. A complete dream I call it. Dreams are meant to be titled as part of a way to 'work' the dream, interpret it.

This dream is Shape-Shifting: A dream of fast and furious and magic and power....

I am on an island and running with others. Night has fallen, the full moon is high, and there are a handful of us being chased. We are native, but we are different. Because of our differences we are being chased. We are running so fast it is almost a blur. We are headed for the water that surrounds our island. There are men and women in my 'group'. We have little clothes on, loin cloths and such as if we have been truly living off of the land.

I am scared, but not scared. I know I'll get away and I know if I was caught I would be harmed so my motivation is huge, as it is for all of us running. We all start to hit the water. The waves are jumping, the ocean is even darker than they sky. We know there are things in the water yet the fear of being caught from the islanders is worse. we all plunge in at whatever speed we are traveling. We swim with the same speed. Fast and Furious. We are swimming to another island. I am swimming hard when someone swims by me. It's Tom Cruise of all people (I even recognize the absurdity of this while dreaming)- but there he was and he was beautiful, glistening and tearing through the water like a porpoise. For a moment I saw him as all black with bright yellow eyes.

We begin one by one to reach the shore of a neighboring island. No one is left behind. we all make it. Despite the awareness of the group we are all keenly aware this is an individual journey. We all have to go thru whatever we are going thru on our own. We each have the same ordeal but it will be different for us all.

On the new island, near the shore is a house. The front of the house appears as if we are entering a warehouse. There is a large man serving as a body guard. He sits waiting on a stool under a single bulb light. He's been waiting for us and is stoic as we run pass him into the house. We act as if we are still being chased, but we are not. Somehow there is an urgency driving all of us. It's like we are competing to find our own room for the night within the house.

I am the last one in. Others have already found their rooms and we are hearing loud noises that are both human and animal.

I become aware in the dream that we are all here to spend the night with "our animal". Whatever animal shows up for us is Who we really are and if we survive the night with our animal we will be able to shape-shift into this creature at will. It depends on how much we let go and trust in this animal. If we fear our animal it can mean our death. If we embrace this animal, we can become the animal.

The house is full and me and 3 others have to go upstairs in the house and the only spaces left are in an open loft. I pass by Tom Cruise's room and a sleek beautiful black panther is already with him. I am envious. I smile thinking how cool is that?! In the loft area are 3 beds. Me and my companions are trying to decide who gets what. There is no fear nor any more urgency. A calm peace is beginning to settle. Relief. We made it this far. We are enjoying the cozy feel of the loft, the low lighting, the wood beams. It's a good place to be.

There is a booming sound that wakes us back to our alertness. We are all startled. Fear creeps back in. It's like Thunder yet we can feel it. The house is shaking. We realize it is my animal coming. Everyone else claims a bed and I am left standing. The house shakes with each step this creature is making. We can feel the presence of this animal permeating the house. This animal is HUGE. I realize my animal is too big for the house. It will not fit and I have to go down. I see fire coming thru the doorway. I and the others are alarmed and question, through our looks at one another, if I will survive. I am the only one who has to sleep outside with my animal. There are dangers outside which adds to the peril of this trial. Will I make it thru the night with my animal and no harm come to either of us? Will I be unafraid of it? Will Fear of this beast be my end or will I embrace it?

When I go downstairs I am at the doorway on the other side of the house, away from the shore. Out in my view is the jungle. It's very dark. I hear breathing. I can feel the heat from the breath.

There standing before me is the most magnificent white stallion that I have ever seen. This animal is epic in size. I can feel the power spreading all around me. This giant beast greets me with a slight nod of his head and I go to him. He's breath-taking. His beautiful white coat gleans silver in the moonlight. He glows in his beauty. I have never seen a stallion this beautiful.

A deep knowing comes over me. I will survive the night. Nothing will challenge this beast. He has the power of the Dragon. He can breathe fire. He can fly. He can shatter the ground with one stomp, trees can be felled in his wake if he chooses. We walk into the woods, side by side, tho I am following his lead. I am not afraid of my animal. I have deep respect and awe and he seems to hold the same for me. We come to a beautiful round clearing. We are surrounded by tall trees. The moon is overhead as if streaming on us alone. He kneels and invites me onto his back. I am to sleep there. His mane silky and wild, creates a nest for my face, my head. I am able to stretch and lay on his back, high off the ground. No harm will come to me. No one will challenge him. I remain in awe of this creature and filled with gratitude that THIS is my animal. I lay in this joy, this awareness. I stare at the moon. I look at the dark sky, the tops of the trees. I feel him breathing. I can hear his thoughts. I succumb to my weariness and release into the final stage of my trial.

What are your dreams telling you?

What messages are clear and unclear?

If you dream, write them down! You often see the message as you write them out. If you still are unsure, in a session with me, we can ask your own Spirit Guides or the Masters to interpret for you. It's amazing work and always wonderfully surprising.

If you are not an avid dreamer, know that you can become one. It is a matter of training your mind. Tell yourself before bed that you are seeking guidance in your dreams. Do this nightly. Eventually they will begin to show up.

Dreams are truly a way to be connected to the unseen world. As I said, a tool to receive guidance from our sub-conscious mind, from loved ones who have passed, from the divine beings that support us and more.

Start tonight. Write tomorrow and watch a new world of guidance unfold for you.

Be well and thank you for making time to read~

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