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What does it mean to be authentic? Seems everyone is talking about it lately.. I need to be more authentic. I am trying to live an authentic life. I want to have more authentic relationships. What does that mean exactly? To me authentic means being real, but what does that mean? Being real means being honest. Getting closer- What does being honest mean? It’s much more than not telling a lie. It’s much more than saying, "No, I really don’t like that new haircut on you." Being honest means being truthful. Being truthful means being true to your Self. Being authentic means being your true self, your original self, who you are, who you are meant to be- not what everyone else wants or thinks you need to be. It means being “Free to be Me!” Someone recently posted a quote on Facebook by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” This pretty much sums up living an authentic life to me. When we can tap into our own hearts and trust our own guidance, knowing we are all each divinely inspired and led, then we can be authentic. That’s a tough call and a tall order in today’s society where family, peers, employers, employees all have expectations. So, can you live without expectations? Can you live with complete trust that everything is happening for a reason and that everything is happening exactly as it meant to be happening? Can you live looking at life as your mirror, looking for what is really going on within you? Can you accept responsibility for your life or do you give your power away to others? Can you live without thinking your spouse has to do this or that? Can you live in awareness that we are all on our own journeys? Can you live simply by the guidance of your heart and not your head? Can you see that living this way is pure Freedom? We all want Freedom. I want Freedom!! I want freedom to come and go and be and do as I please. I want freedom to wear clothes or not. I want freedom to stay home and write or paint or cook or sit in the sun. I want freedom to go to sleep at 8 pm or 2 am. I want freedom to honour my body’s natural ebb and flow; my spirit’s creative bursts. I want freedom to go on a trip with a friend and friends or attend a workshop in some exotic place. I want freedom to go on a spiritual journey and retreat to the mountains. I want freedom to give back to society, community and family in uplifting and positive ways, generated from my own creative spirit that I was gifted with this lifetime. I want freedom to celebrate ME and to have the ability to teach this to others. Freedom... Have you seen the Angel cards by Music design? Each angel has a word and a picture with it. (Stop by Rosie Bluum if you want to experience them; we keep a bowl by the fish) The FREEDOM angel is standing at the waters edge of a beach, her arms and wings outstretched wide, her naked bootie proudly exposed as she stands facing the glorious sun. Can't you see it?!! Freedom! Freedom to BE Authentic! I dare you to do ONE thing today that bucks the norm, the trend. I dare you to set a NEW trend. I dare you to break one of your own rules today! I’m not saying, go dashing thru a red light, putting yourself and everyone else at risk. I AM saying eat something forbidden, something that makes your inner child smile with delight. Indulge a secret whim. Be a little late because you stopped to take in the view. Take a few minutes longer at lunch because you are watching the monarchs migrating. Order dessert with dinner. Leave the dishes in the sink tonight. Write a positive quote on your bathroom mirror with lipstick, because you CAN! This is your time to be Authentic. Be FREE! Do something you WANT to do and drop the shoulds and have-tos, just for a moment. Allow yourself this stroke of desire. You deserve it. Be your Authentic Self. Be free. Okay, I double-dare you.... I invite you to write in what you did today to break your own rule. I would LOVE to know! It may inspire someone else to take that leap- As always, ~ In gratitude!

~ in gratitude,

Betsey MARI Practitioner* Reiki Master* Meditation Teacher* Intuitive* Optimist* Enthusiast* Creative* Blogger* "The moment you doubt being able to fly, you cease being able to do it." ~ J. M. Barrie

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