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Law of Gravity

You may wonder why on earth I would write about the Law of Gravity. What grade were you in when it was discussed? And really how much time was actually spent on it? I mean, really, the Law of Gravity is pretty easy to understand- what comes up, must come down. At least that was what I was taught. That is what I heard growing up. I will forever have the image in my mind of Sir Isaac Newton who sat under the apple tree only to get bonked in the head by an apple, thus discovering the Law of Gravity. This story along with many others were woven into my curious mind at a very young age.

The Law of Gravity is actually much more than "what goes up must come down"; however the impression of the apple falling was pretty much imprinted in a lot of young sub-conscious brains and probably still is happening today. When our subconscious minds hold on to thoughts, ideas, lessons, we start to develop beliefs. And for many of us this translated into a belief that if something gets too big, or inflates beyond it's parameters then it will burst, deflate, explode, or like the apple, fall down.

A recent reading for a client brought up this very fact that the Law of Gravity was subconsciously being applied to all aspects of her life. She seems to always question the stability of her finances as well as her relationships and her health. Her guides shared with her that somewhere along the way, she translated the idea that what goes up must come down, also meant, when things are really good, they are going to get bad at some point, because well good is not sustainable just like being up isn't either. So when her bank account expands and grows, it is only a matter of time before she uses it all up. When she meets the man who sweeps her off her feet, it's only a matter of time before he "shows his true colors". When she finds her perfect weight and enjoys a healthy body, it is only a matter of time before something needs attention.

This completely resonated with her and she realized that she DID in fact approach life with this subconscious programming. Her guides then told her about the Law of Expansion and asked her to put her beliefs here instead. Let Gravity be what it is for the Earth and Sun and Moon to rotate and all of the other things it does; yet, let Expansion be her new boundary. And yes, that's an oxymoron because there are no boundaries in expansion! The Universe is always expanding and that is a much healthier approach to live life from. What an "unlimiting" attitude to hold! To think things will always get better. When her bank account grows she can know it is simply going to expand. When the guy sweeps her off of her feet she'll know that the red carpet is being rolled out for her arrival.... and things just get better from there! When she feels fabulous in her skin, she knows that her health just gets better and radiance pours forth from her. Just look at that glow ~

Living life from the Law of Gravity, we naturally look for things to fall, to balance out, to deflate. And of course this does happen; however, if we can live life from the Law of Expansion, then when things do fall, we can know it is because we needed to make room for the "big-ness" that's on the way. Or we can understand we had to release something in order to claim something more wonderful.

Remember it is all how we choose to view the world and how we view the world is shaped by our beliefs. So take check of your beliefs and the stories that you have accumulated along the way. Really decide if they are yours or did you pick them up from someone well meaning. Then decide if they are working for you anymore and drop the ones that don't support the way you want your life to be. You have a choice, always. You choose your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Choose wisely! Choose expansion and know it will happen at a pace you can manage!

We live in an abundant Universe. It is always expanding. Trust in this natural law and realize that we are part of the Universe. We are made up of exactly the same thing that everything else is. Expansion is our natural way of being here. If we begin to see it in all things then it will become an obvious part of our experiences. We can be unlimited in our lives here. Our choices are endless! Love this Life!

And as I always like to say, borrowing from Victor Villaseñor, we are all 5 pointed stars walking here on the planet!

So go be bright! Let your light shine! Be the magnificent, radiant Star that you are- bringing brilliance to this great planet. Embrace expansion as your natural way of moving through this great life ~ and as always, be grateful.

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