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What You Focus On Expands- You Get What You Think About

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

So far this year for me has been about self-care and one of the things that has been consistently grounding for me is Bikram yoga. It is quite the commitment as the studio is roughly 45 mins away (one-way) and the classes are 90 mins in length. I use this time in the car as part of my spiritual refuge by setting clear intentions for the day, requesting most benevolent outcomes with the angels, putting my desires out to the Universe, talking with my Guides and loved ones in spirit and, often, I listen to the latest Abraham-Hicks cds. I have come to love this time and each day I look forward to nourishing my body, mind and soul and immersing myself in connection with the unseen world.

Recently, one early morning, I was driving into the city, and feeling curious about my thoughts, my life, where I have been, where I am now, who I have been and who I am now. One thing I recognized was that life hasn't felt as magical as it once did. So, as I am driving, I say out loud, "I want MAGIC back in my life! I want to have magical experiences and magical stories to share. I am ready to live my magical life again, so much of what I am used to! My life has always been magical and I am ready to get back there." It felt good to say it out loud. It felt good to reconnect with the idea and hope that life really can be joyful and wonderful. It felt good to know that I can shift my focus to what I want instead of what I don't want. Something inside of me felt very satisfied for having remembered this focus and this desire.

I get to class, there is a teacher, new to me, one I haven't had before. I am grateful to be there, laying in the heat, beginning to surrender to the next 90 mins. When the "new" teacher comes in and begins the class, she starts by saying, "Okay class, let's have a magical practice today!" In my mind, my mouth falls open in disbelief and shock, like really? Did she just use the word Magic and I just asked for more Magic in my life? I am so delighted, knowing my energy is smiling from the inside out at this confirmation. In Bikram we do 26 postures bookended by 2 breathing exercises, one to begin the class and one to end the class. When we go into our first posture at one point she said, "I know, it looks like you need magic to get your arms in this position, but trust me, you can do it." I am stunned yet again. Throughout the class she used the word magic or magical probably a good 12 times and I was almost laughing by the end of class, thanking my angels, my Guides, the Universe. Clearly someone or something was not only listening, but answering me in a major way.

It gets better.

When I get home the latest Abraham-Hicks cd has arrived. I put it in the car without looking at it, knowing I can listen to it the following morning. So the next day as I am driving and setting my intentions, talking to whomever is listening, I say to my Dad in spirit that I haven't heard from him in a while and it would be nice if he'd share in the magic with me somehow. After about 30 mins of driving, 15 to go, I decide to pop in the CD and at least start it. Esther begins by announcing when this session was recorded and lo and behold it was recorded on March 1st- My Dad's birthday! I am astounded at how connected I am in these moments- how clearly I am being heard and how quickly I am being answered. This, I think, is stuff ya just can't make up!

After class I keep listening thinking how remarkable it was recorded on my dad's birthday, of all days, of all CDS to get! I am thinking of this and not even halfway through the cd one of the segments is about BIRTHDAYS! I'm like Whaaaaat? This gal begins her question with a statement of gratitude that March 1st is her birthday and she is so tickled that she gets to attend an Abraham workshop on her birthday. I literally had to laugh out loud. This is good stuff.

I get home and am flying-high, totally uplifted by the yoga and the connection. I have several sessions with clients, each one feeling more powerful than the one before it. There is nothing grander than feeling this alive, this surrounded, this connected, this supported. I am still flying-high when I start to prepare dinner that evening. As I reached for something I saw Alexa, sitting quietly on the counter flashing her headlines. It just so happened that when I looked the phrase that appeared on the screen was "Ask me how to explore The Magic Door". I laughed out loud again and was full of gratitude and appreciation.

A couple of days go by and I am back in my yoga class with a teacher I adore and have taken several classes from already. We start the series of postures and a few postures in she said, "This class is like Magic for your body and mind and I am so grateful you are all here today." Now I will tell you, I have taken several classes from her and not once, never ever, has she used the word Magic! At this point I am thinking that I first had this "Magic" conversation in the car about 5 days ago and it is still going strong! As I am writing this post, it has been well over a week, going on two, and I am STILL getting signs of magic all around me.

What You Focus On Expands

This is a fundamental law of the universe and my story about Magic demonstrates this remarkably well. It is also pure evidence that when we set clear and true intentions, we are heard, supported and answered. This is a simple and playful example of how the Universe listens. It reminds me that I have power in my choices of thoughts and requests and focuses. It reminds me to remember to think about what I DO want in my life as opposed to what I DON'T want. Think of it this way- no matter what we focus on or are thinking about, the Universe is responding. It doesn't know if it is positive or negative, it just follows our focus. So when we constantly focus on what we don't want, we just get more of that- more of what we don't want. Think of the power in this!

Think of what you want! If you want more abundance in your life then start to notice the abundance around you. Look at what is already over flowing, whether it is yours or not and have gratitude for the evidence of this abundance. Celebrate abundance in all of its many forms. This universe only knows abundance so you can choose to focus on the abundance of plenty or the abundance of lack. You will be supported in wherever your attention flows.

For me I put in a request to have more magic and then I let that request go. I had no attachments to how it would show up and I also had no expectations on when. What I DID do however is trust that it would. I trust in this divine connection and I embrace this dance with the divine, with the universe. I know I am always supported and this experience reminds me to remember to think about only what I want MORE of in my life.

You can ask for anything! If you want more love, more kindness, more joy, more peace, more money, more time- it is ALL there. Keep in mind that what you focus on expands. Take kindness for example. It is easy, given the events of this year, to see the cruelty, the hurt and the pain and suffering in the world. These events that we have watched or endured are tragic and fuel a desire for more kindness, more love, less hurt, less pain. So these tragedies ignite flames for new desires and it is here we have to be conscious to think only of what we desire, not what fueled that desire. If we keep thinking of the pain and suffering then we get more evidence of hurt and harm- what we focus on expands remember. If instead we focus on the kindness and the healing and help that grows out of these traumatic events, then we begin to see more of these beautiful things to celebrate. We WILL see more kindness in the world and when we train ourselves to see more of what we want, then we alter our life experiences to enjoy this very desire we see all around us.

I am not saying to put your head in the sand and quit watching the news, though that would kind of be helpful. What I AM saying is that in order to change our lives, our experiences and thus what is going on in the world, we have to change what we are looking at, what we are focused on. Just think if you and me and everyone reading this began to notice all fo the kindness in the world and in our lives, that kindness would grow exponentially! That is powerful! Don't you see the power that you have by simply changing your thoughts, your focus?

Trudy Ludwig, author of The Power of One, says it best:

"One kind act begets another, small good deeds make way for bigger ones, and eventually the whole neighborhood comes together to build something much greater than the sum of its parts."

Even though she is referencing an act of kindness and I am speaking about the focus on kindness, it is still very much the same in what we think, say, do and focus on expands. What we notice in the world grows and as we see more kindness then there will be even more kindness to appreciate. You DO make a difference! What you say, think, do and believe in MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Have you ever had someone in front of you pay for your coffee or your toll or your groceries? And haven't you then wanted to pay it forward to pay for the person behind you?

THIS belief, the power in one small act or thought of kindness, is the Magic that I am choosing to focus on. We do live in a beautiful world that is filled with joy and magic and love. Yes, there are things that are hurtful and tragic and things that are easy to complain about and criticize. Next time you find yourself wanting to complain, wanting to be angry, wanting to see change- let it be the guide to shift your focus to your desire instead.

Instead of complaining, think "wouldn't it be nice if...."

Instead of being angry, think "won't it be nice when..."

Instead of criticizing, think "I can be the change I wish to see."

I encourage you to take a moment, take some time, be with your Self and your thoughts.

Look at your life and see what it is you have been focusing on, because your life and what you are experiencing is evident of your thoughts and focus. Take some time and give yourself permission to daydream, create a vision board or say out loud what you DO want.

Remember, this isn 't just for you, this is for you and those close to you and in your neighborhoods and communities and cities, states and country. This is for the world. You, in your small act or thought of kindness and positivity, can literally change the world. You are a light and your one flame can light a thousand candles (Buddah). Think how much light a thousand candles gives off and each of those thousand flames light another thousand.

Before you know it our earth will be as bright as the sun~

THIS is good stuff

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