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Moon Place Road

How the Universe Works ~ a short story of ridiculous manifestation

My husband and I were leaving Georgia to travel back to the Gulf Coast for a weekend visit. Being new to the Atlanta area, there is quite a bit of road that I am unfamiliar with. On our way out of town, my husband driving, me sight-seeing, we passed a road called Moon Place Road. I quietly thought to myself, "That is a cool name for a road. I wonder what it is like. It would be fun to go check it out some day. Maybe a Saturday or Sunday drive I will suggest it." That was that and our six hour drive to the coast ensued. It was a fleeting thought, more of a musing, that I didn't share with my husband.

Our trip down south was uneventful and easy. We had a wonderful, busy weekend and by Tuesday early morning we were eager to get back to our home in Georgia. Our return drive was slightly more interesting and we felt like we were being delayed, that the Universe was saying, "slow down, take your time, don't be in a hurry." We finally make it back into the Metro Atlanta area only to find ourselves facing rush hour traffic. My husband used Waze to redirect us out of traffic. It looked like a whole new route that I hadn't been on. I love seeing new things and discovering new places, even if it is just a new drive, so I thought this will be fun! It was like going on an adventure that you have no idea what it will hold.

We are tooling along and my husband says that we are going to have to make a quick right turn coming up here soon. The sign to where we needed to turn was small, and just like that we passed it right by. Then, of course, I think this is getting to be even more fun. Because of traffic going the other way, we knew it was NOT in our best interest to make a u-turn. So he consulted Waze and we were easily rerouted to the next road. To my surprise and astonishment, we were rerouted to the other end of MOON PLACE ROAD! I could NOT believe it and of course, thenI could. I started laughing out loud. My husband is looking at me like, what the heck?! I said, "You are not going to believe this honey, but the other day as we were leaving we passed Moon Place Rd and I thought it would be nice someday to check it out because it's a cool name for a road." He immediately started laughing and agreed that this was indeed divinely influenced.

What occurred to me as we discussed it was that:

  1. It was a fleeting thought/desire- a simple musing

  2. I had ZERO expectations around this thought

  3. I had full belief it was totally accessible to me

  4. I had ZERO resistance

  5. I completely forgot about it

  6. The Universe was LISTENING

  7. The Universe delivered in just four days

OMG THAT was FAST! I sat in the passenger seat and along with my husband we were both in awe of this ridiculously easy manifestation. I realized, it really is that simple! Have your thought, desire, wish, whatever it may be and then just let go it! Let it go! Believe it is attainable and then forget about it. Fretting, wondering, worrying about it will only keep it away- there truly has to be complete freedom around it. If that road would have been private I might have had a different outcome because I would have thought only residents can travel that road. Who knows? Because I was so unattached, as in, I didn't really care if I ever went down that road, I just thought it would be nice, the Universe could have introduced me to someone who lives on the road.

The Universe is unlimited. Yes this can be seen as extraordinary, a gift, a miracle. I believe through this story that we are supposed to believe that this is not a miracle, it is not extraordinary or a gift. Instead we are to understand, know and believe that this is simply how the Universe works. The Divine is always with us, always listening and we are always being supported. This is a fun place to be! Life is an adventure! It just is and things like this can happen all day, every day when we aren't trying to control things, when we can let ourselves trust in the Divine goodness and generosity of this beautiful Universe.

So I am now asking, what is your Moon Place Road??

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2 comentários

Bernd Licht
Bernd Licht
28 de mai. de 2021

My Moon Place road is my guidance.

Not sure why, but I am either not quite capable to chart my own course or I have understood in some way that following that guidance is a wise thing to do.

Maybe I am wiser than I know.

Not sure, for they don't let me know.

Also makes it more interesting.

But for sure, my Moon place road has so much love in it.

And patience.

I am off so many times and progress seems agonizingly slow.

But as I move along the road I get assurances.

One sentence perhaps, but it contains volumes.

That so pacifies me.

And with every assurance I gain more trust.

Now I don't have to rush…

Betsey Grady
Betsey Grady
04 de jun. de 2021
Respondendo a

Bernd you have such an amazing soul and spirit and I am delighted to know you and that we continue to share ~

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