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More Ridiculous Manifestations

~ The Universe really is ALWAYS Listening and Responding

This gorgeous bowl made from carnival glass is a treasured antique that was given to me by two of my best friends, Julie Wagner and Leigh Gwinn, in honor of their brother, Ben Selby. He passed away suddenly, without any indication of any health issues, in January of this year. It was shocking and certainly very sad. He was and is a special person with a unique journey that is full of color, just like this bowl. After his celebration of life in Fairhope, I returned home with this beautiful bowl and immediately put my angel cards in it. Actually there are two decks in this bowl because I have had one set for probably 30 years and over time cards were accidentally taken from the old Rosie Blu store or our Willow Tree gift-shop, and or lost or chewed by a bored cat when the cards were kept at home. I have also collected in the bowl marbles, crystals, coins- just random things, even heart confetti that I have found or received along my journey. It stays on the long rectangular island in our kitchen and we draw cards every day from it. It is meaningful to me in many ways as you can tell.

Just a couple of days ago I was speaking with a client and crystals came up in our session. I heard to tell her to get black tourmaline not only to wear or keep near her, but to put some in her yard, practically the four corners of her yard, making a grid-like boundary. When we got off of the call I remembered a time that a a gentle man from Brazil came to our store to sell crystals from his mines back home in his country. He has spent years vending at the famous Tucson Gem and Mineral show where is is known for his relationship with the also famous "Melody" who wrote the very first encyclopedia on Crystals, called Love is in The Earth. She actually writes about him in her book as the only one she felt was genuine in his spiritual connection to the beautiful stones he sold. His routine was to attend the Tucson show and then travel in his old van and stop at crystal shops along the way to his destination in New York. We got a call that he was coming and asked if we would be interested in his visit. Of course we were thrilled.

When he arrived, his helper came in first to meet us and look at our space. Then he went back outside to retrieve him along with dolly after dolly of stacked white boxes. He was a lovely soul, very humble and clearly deeply spiritual. He reminded me of a cross between Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) and the Dali Lama. He was slight in height, weathered from age and sun and hunched over every so slightly. He moved slowly and spoke softly. His eyes were bright and his smile soft and mild. Everything about this man made me feel that I was in some kind of angelic presence. It felt like a holy and sacred exchange when he entered our store.

We gladly bought many of his items and we happy to have them and his energy to share with our patrons. Before he departed, he pulled out a small pouch that contained these tiny pieces of black tourmaline. I had never seen these before. There was something about this tourmaline, straight form his mines in Brazil, that looked like gleaming pieces of black diamonds. They were smooth and heavy and yet the size of my pinkie fingernail. He asked me if I had ever seen them. I replied with a no. He then poured them into my hand and said, "Every spiritual store and meditation center needs these. You must take them." He took his hand and closed my fingers around the stones and winked at me. It was an unforgettable encounter. I later learned that he only sold to people who he believed were genuine in their love and knowledge of the healing power of crystals. Again, we all felt such honor to have been able to meet this beautiful being.

I sat in my office after the call with my client and thought about that exchange with this gentle soul from Brazil and, of course, those crystals. I wondered where on earth I had put them. I wondered even if I still had them or did I give them away to customers and friends before we closed the store. I thought to myself, "Maybe, if I remember, I'll look for them tomorrow when I am free and see if they are still around." That was that, I finished up my work day, had a lovely evening with my husband and called it a full and happy day. The next morning, I awoke with fresh ideas, fresh thoughts, and enthusiasm about what the day might hold for me. I was NOT thinking of yesterday or anything that had happened. I was in the present moment entirely. I had just poured a cup of coffee. My husband and I were standing on opposite sides of the island talking. Next thing we know, our kitty Poppy, comes in and jumps on the island; she does this often. Now Poppy is called Poppy because she has a very unusual gait. Her back legs are what I call loose and she looks like she is strutting the cat walk with a big sashay to the left and right when she walks and her head bounces like a bobble head. She just has this 'poppy' kind of walk. There is a medical reason for it, yet I cannot recall the exact name now. It has not deterred her from living a full, healthy, indoor and outdoor life. As a matter of fact, out of all of our kitties, SHE is the one that constantly brings us "gifts" from nature. Poppy is absolutely stunning to look at and at the same time she is incredibly clumsy. Yet, despite her clumsiness, she is a true huntress.

It all happened within seconds. Poppy jumps up, lands sloppily on the counter and the carnival glass bowl goes flying off of the island and hits the floor with a crash. She freaks and jumps and hops around some more and runs back outside. I am freaking because it is Ben's bowl! It fell on the side of the island that Jeremy was standing. I ask him, feeling disheartened, if the bowl is shattered. As I walk around I see that the bowl is intact to my surprise and relief. The bowl is completely empty however, and there is a wild mess of cards, confetti, crystals and marbles and coins, sprayed about, some landing even in the living room. We begin to pick everything up and to add to my surprise there are the tiny, gorgeous, gleaming black tourmaline crystals. I started laughing and told Jeremy that I had just wondered where they were yesterday but had forgotten all about that thought. And again, just like Moon Place Road, this silent musing was delivered to me in less than 24 hours! I am once again reminded to have a thought and let it go. The thought must be neutral or pleasant, with zero emotion or attachment to an outcome around it. I am really being given plain, hard evidence that it really is that easy.

I have now decided to be more conscious of my thoughts, more than I am already; and, if there is something I desire to manifest or have in my life, whether it is material or an experience or a goal, my new approach is "Wouldn't it be nice if...." Then, I'll let it go- surrender it to the Universe or the Divine or my Guides or all of the above. Ha Ha

Below is an image of the lovely black tourmaline specimens. The picture doesn't do it justice or really convey the gleam. Trust me though, they are truly special. A gift I continue to be grateful for.

I have evidence of the opposite happening as well, when I have an idea and I expect to see results. Jeremy and I like to play the lottery every once in a while, not a regular habit by any means, usually just when the pot is staggering. When we do play, we have five numbers that we use repeatedly - they are symbolic for birthdays, anniversaries and such. Just the other day I decided to change them up. It's been a while, nothing is happening, so I decided that we needed to try new numbers. The next morning we check the winning numbers, and I kid you not, our five regularly played numbers, one even being the Powerball number, sat there staring at me from the internet. I was like, "Are you kidding me?" I couldn't believe it! I laughed thinking, why didn't I just surrender it out there and let go of the idea that I had to make any more effort. I must DO something to have a different outcome is basically what I was telling the Universe. Ha! Haven't you yourself ever had the thought "if I do 'x y z', then 'a b c' will happen. We most often think that we must give to get or show effort to be rewarded. Well, in this case, I'd say the Universe kind of slapped my hand and reminded me to just let it all go, to trust. No effort required. I already already put it out there. I just laughed. Seriously, this is just dang funny. The Universe is always listening and responding. Our five numbers had caught up with me and were manifesting in the physical, but I jumped shipped too soon. I gave up right before the "miracle" occurred, as many metaphysical people like to say.

Regardless, of what happens and what doesn't, I love the journey that I am on and especially this dance with the Universe. It is wonderful to have clear communication with the Universe when I have silent thoughts, ideas and musings. I can see more and more that being detached from how I think it should be, should happen, is where it's at. I am continually amazed and I have been very much reinforced with "wouldn't it be nice."

So for now, like day-dreaming, think about how you would end this thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if....." And then just let it go and love your journey anyway. Let yourself be free from caring if it ever happens because life is already that wonderful. I have also come to understand that JOY is the magical vibration of the Universe. It is the energy of Joy, Joy in our Journey, that is most attractive. Joy brings to us all that we desire. Anything other than Joy is a hiccup, a u-turn, an obstacle or flat out resistance. Find Joy in the thought of thinking "it would be nice if...." then hold onto that joy and apply it to as many parts of your story as you can. Find the Joy in your experience and you find treasures unimaginable. I am not talking material treasure either- yet treasures that fill your heart.

Even if you are facing or dealing with less than joyful things, maybe even downright dire circumstance, then take baby steps. Day dream a little bit, let it go. Find joy in something, even if just for a minute- maybe a pet or a flower blooming. We can't always take giant leaps from here to there, from sadness to joy; yet, we can take the steps one by one. Maybe your journey is going from sadness to acceptance to hopefulness to appreciation to gratitude to love and to joy. Just know that's part of the journey too and regardless, you are always moving forward.


Silent, neutral and pleasant thoughts or day-dreams...


Let-go of any attachment to the outcome

Have zero expectations

Take baby steps

You're in a Dance with the Universe

You're in a Romance with the Universe

Joy is where it's at- the dominant vibration of the Universe


Answer me this-

Wouldn't it be nice if......

I love you all and am so happy to share my journey with you! You are all a true inspiration to me and your story is unique, fabulous and extraordinary!

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